September 7, 2022 by Greg Owens

How Ops Teams Can Easily Deploy and Manage Wi-Fi 6E Systems With Revenue EDGE and Calix Cloud


Greg Owens

Senior Director, Product Marketing, Calix

The number of consumer devices compatible with the Wi-Fi 6E standard is growing. Among smartphones, for example, the latest devices from Samsung and Google support the new technology—and the next version of the iPhone could, too. New top-of-the-range laptops and smart TVs are also taking advantage of the greater bandwidth, coverage, and reliability promised by Wi-Fi 6E. Industry research firm IDC forecasts 5.2 billion Wi-Fi 6 product shipments by 2025, and 41 percent will be Wi-Fi 6E devices.

For decades, Wi-Fi devices have operated within just two frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. In many households, these channels are becoming crowded as the number of connected devices proliferates. By contrast, new Wi-Fi 6E equipment takes advantage of the 6 GHz band, which is being approved by dozens of countries around the world. This new band offers 1,200 MHz of spectrum—compared to 500 MHz at 5 GHz—and is relatively uncluttered today.

The 6 GHz band also offers triple the number of available channels when compared with existing, dual-band Wi-Fi systems. Less airtime congestion means lower latency for compatible devices that connect to the 6 GHz radio.

How valuable is this opportunity? The comparable C-band spectrum in the US raised more than $80 billion when licensed to the country’s mobile operators last year. It is little wonder the consumer electronics industry is upbeat at the prospect of shipping new Wi-Fi products in (unlicensed) 6 GHz—without spending a cent.

Avoid Wi-Fi 6E Integration Headaches

As exciting as this new technology is, it is early days. Broadband service providers (BSPs) must consider how best to support Wi-Fi 6E in its evolution. Implementing a new technology often means fresh integration headaches for operations teams. There are typically lengthy testing times to ensure OSS/BSS compatibility, as well as bringing support staff and field technicians up to speed. It may seem a significant effort to support a technology that—for a while at least—will be accessed by only a small number of devices and subscribers on your network.

At Calix, we believe BSPs should have the option to be first out of the gate with Wi-Fi 6E. Supporting this new technology will enable you to differentiate yourself against your competition—and even compete with the large direct-to-consumer brands. We also believe it’s possible to do so without going through the pain of costly and lengthy integration processes.

Because all Calix Wi-Fi systems simply snap into the Revenue EDGE platform, with no integration headaches, systems can be turned up in days (not weeks or months). This allows BSPs that choose to move early on Wi-Fi 6E to get to market quickly and easily.

Introducing the World’s Largest Wi-Fi 6E Portfolio on Revenue EDGE

Calix has recently expanded its portfolio of Wi-Fi 6E systems, providing BSPs with a variety of ways to deploy the new technology. These systems range from the GigaSpire BLAST® u6me—which adds a Wi-Fi 6E mesh unit to an existing set-up—to the new GigaPro™ u6he. The GigaPro u6he is a weather-hardened system that enables businesses and community organizations to offer outdoor Wi-Fi services.

This expanding Wi-Fi 6E portfolio, running on the Calix Revenue EDGE™ platform, is enabling BSPs to:

  • Rollout Wi-Fi 6E in weeks, not months. Using systems that are part of the Revenue EDGE platform, integration hassles are dramatically reduced. You can be up and running in just a few days.
  • Expand their portfolio of value-added managed services. Service providers can start with managed Wi-Fi and layer on other in-demand managed services such as home network security, advanced parental controls, connected camera security, and more.
  • Unlock new revenue opportunities. Getting to market quickly with new managed Wi-Fi offerings will allow BSPs to build their brands and expand into lucrative new markets—including outdoor Wi-Fi opportunities.
  • Support new services with confidence. All GigaSpire BLAST and GigaPro systems are fully managed by Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud), enabling support teams to swiftly diagnose and remedy any Wi-Fi issues your subscribers may encounter. This operational simplicity is supported by

This approach to deploying Wi-Fi 6E means that BSPs of all sizes can get ahead of the competition by launching cutting-edge Wi-Fi services quickly and easily. It means having more visibility, resulting in enhanced troubleshooting and improved customer satisfaction. It means growing your brand and revenue—and delighting your subscribers with a premium Wi-Fi experience.