August 30, 2022 by Anne Guenther

3 Ways to Improve Support Operations and Boost the Subscriber Experience


Anne Guenther

Product Marketing Director, Support Cloud, Calix


With the technical complexity of their homes rising, subscribers look to you—their trusted broadband service provider (BSP)—to simplify their connected experience as much as possible. Support teams must keep pace as subscriber expectations evolve. This means transitioning from reactive to proactive support.

The good news is, your organization can take immediate steps to enhance your subscriber experience. It all starts with focusing on how you can empower your subscribers, personalize their options, and deliver exceptional customer support.

Ready to take action? Here are three steps your organization can take to enhance your support operations and increase subscriber satisfaction.

  1. Provide robust self-service options to achieve +70 Net Promoter Score (NPS) and reduce support costs. Most subscribers want self-service capabilities and mobile apps to help them manage their experience. The ability to check device connectivity and speed, change SSID and Wi-Fi password, set network and parental control are examples of putting the subscriber in control with the added convenience of self-service. An option to deliver this self-service experience is the customizable Calix CommandIQ® mobile app Integration with Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud)gives customer support representatives (CSRs) complete visibility into the subscriber experience—from the WAN to residential gateways, Wi-Fi, connected devices, and apps. BSPs using this powerful combination experience reduced support calls, fewer truck rolls, and decreased support costs, all while increasing subscriber satisfaction and paving the way for BSPs to grow their business with managed services from Calix Revenue EDGE Suites. When ALLO Communications deployed ALLOIQ app (their branded version of CommandIQ) they achieved an NPS of 74, increased their trouble ticket close rate to 60 percent, and reduced truck rolls by 30 percent. Many other BSPs have experienced similar results. MidSouth Fiber reduced inbound trouble calls, decreased operating expenses, and delivered outstanding member experience when they debuted their CommandIQ app (personalized under its own brand as MidSouth Fiber Internet) achieving a 70 percent attach rate.
  2. Offer personalized support channels. In addition to using mobile apps, subscribers want more options for support channels that provide greater personalization with reliable availability and connected support data alleviating the need to start over when switching channels. In fact, 71 percent of consumers already expect brands to offer customer support over messaging channels (7 Customer Service Trends To Watch in 2022). This “anytime, anywhere” type of support allows subscribers to get answers quickly using the channels they’re most comfortable with—from self-service help centers to social and chatbots - that can help relieve the workload for busy support teams and save on operating costs.
  3. Deliver value-enhancing support and achieve 20-30 percent reduction in truck rolls and handling times. To grow subscriber loyalty, BSPs need to go above and beyond providing reactive support. They need to deliver “value-enhancing” support—ensuring not only that the subscriber’s issue is resolved, but that the subscriber is more satisfied and positive after the experience. Support Cloud makes value-enhancing support a reality. It gives BSPs the rich data and actionable insights they need to provide proactive support that grows subscriber satisfaction, increases efficiency, and reduces costs. For Forked Deer Connect, Support Cloud helps them live up to their promise of “above and beyond” service levels. They’ve cut costly truck rolls by 38 percent, reduced call handling time by 27 percent, and nearly eliminated CSR churn.

The pressure on BSP customer support teams to deliver an exceptional experience is greater than ever. Today’s subscribers live online. According to Parks Associates, the average household now has 16 connected devices—a figure that continues to grow. Subscribers not only expect their service provider to keep them connected; they also want a BSP who understands their needs and provides more personalized customer support.

According to one survey, more than half of respondents suffered from connectivity problems at least once a month during the pandemic. More than 15 percent reported daily issues. Left unchecked, issues like these can lead to lower satisfaction (reflected in lower NPS) or, worse, subscriber churn. Research shows that 50 percent of customers will defect after just one bad experience.

Fortunately, there are tools and solutions available to help BSPs meet—and exceed—their subscribers’ expectations. Thousands of Calix BSP customers are already providing an exceptional subscriber experience, with value-added services like ProtectIQ® home network security, ExperienceIQ® parental controls, Arlo Secure connected cameras, and now Servify Care device protection, all managed by Support Cloud and CommandIQ. By embracing these three supports “change agents,” BSPs will be able to become more proactive with support—easing the burden on resource-constrained support teams and driving critical efficiency and cost improvements. Most importantly, they will simplify the subscriber experience, increase satisfaction, and win customers for life.

To learn more about how broadband support trends are driving change and what this means to quality of experience, OPEX and NPS, check out our webinar in partnership with Broadband World News, “From Reactive to Proactive: Optimizing the Broadband Subscriber Experience.