July 28, 2022 by Frank Ploumen

Deliver Amazing Wi-Fi That Goes Anywhere (Without Pulling Your Hair Out)


Frank Ploumen

Vice President, PLL Revenue EDGE, Calix


Broadband operations teams play a key role in delivering a superior Wi-Fi experience within the home. But what happens when your subscriber ventures outside? Many subscribers want a seamless Wi-Fi experience that extends beyond the four walls of their home. They want important services, like parental controls, to move with their family members from the living room to the school library. Imagine if they could roam freely to coffee shops without interruptions in network connectivity or added services. Your subscribers absolutely deserve this freedom and experience.

This is Calix SmartTown Wi-Fi. With it, you can offer a secure and safe managed Wi-Fi experience for “communities” of all shapes and sizes. These communities are smaller subsections of the broader community you serve, like multi-dwelling residences, municipalities, schools, offices, areas, parks—even a roaming network with neighboring service providers. By giving subscribers the same Wi-Fi experience across every subsection, you maximize your fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) investments—and embed yourself deeply in your community.

But we know this is complex. There are users, services, and antennas that all need to work together to make this vision come to life. It’s a big operational challenge, even if it’s worth it in the end to create the stickiness with your subscribers. We’re not denying that this concept, while exciting and transformative, could sound challenging to broadband operations teams.

The difference is this: By using a managed solution that’s orchestrated through a single cloud, it’s all under one umbrella. Support and onboarding are captured under the ecosystem of the Calix Operations Cloud (Operations Cloud). There’s no other way to do something like SmartTown Wi-Fi. You will face complexity, but it will be manageable.

By using SmartTown Wi-Fi, broadband operations teams can:

  • Meet evolving customer expectations—while managing operational complexity. Drive subscriber satisfaction by allowing them to replicate their home Wi-Fi experience services on the go—without pulling your hair out.

  • Monitor network health in real time and troubleshoot with ease. Your subscribers struggle with “over-the-top” services when things go wrong. But broadband operations teams will have full management of SmartTown Wi-Fi. Isolate and resolve issues from a central cloud source.

  • Use smart tools to seamlessly manage secure communities. Broadband operations teams can create and manage communities with ease using Operations Cloud. Plus, you’ll have all the security and control features you do currently with home Wi-Fi.

  • Develop Wi-Fi roaming alliances. You’ll soon be able to connect with other eligible Wi-Fi providers, allowing subscribers to roam between networks across the country—increasing the value you bring to the community you serve.

Deliver Community Wi-Fi Services the Easy Way

SmartTown Wi-Fi represents an exciting new frontier for broadband operations teams. With Operations Cloud, you can manage the whole subscriber experience—even if this experience now extends beyond the home.

Under one cloud, arm yourself with the right tools to successfully launch and scale SmartTown Wi-Fi across your community. Don’t miss out. This exciting new evolution in Wi-Fi is coming to a neighborhood near you—and let it be yours.

If you’re ready to manage complex operations with a single cloud, take a closer look at how to Transform broadband operations with complete visibility of the subscriber experience.”