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Feb 07, 2022
2 min

A Mobile App Is an Amazing Support Tool for Broadband Service Providers—Here’s How To Drive Adoption to New Heights

Did you know a service provider app can help cut your inbound calls by up to 20 percent?

You might think of a mobile app as a terrific way to grow your brand, increase subscriber satisfaction, and deliver a steady stream of revenue-generating services to subscribers. That’s all true. But here’s what you may not realize. A service provider app like CommandIQ® is also an extension of your customer support team.

Accessible at the touch of a button, a service provider app makes it easy for subscribers to take care of simple tasks (like updating their Wi-Fi SSID or password). They can do basic troubleshooting, find answers to common questions, and get updates on service issues. All this means fewer calls to the helpdesk—saving you time and money. ALLO Communications has found that subscribers who use ALLO IQ (their branded version of CommandIQ) with the ALLO Blast Wi-Fi 6 systems call in with trouble 20 percent less than those who have only the ALLO Blast.

Push Your CommandIQ Attach Rate to 80 Percent or Higher

Of course, the challenge is how to get every subscriber to download and use your branded service provider app. Calix provides a wide range of resources to help our broadband service provider (BSP) customers drive greater use of CommandIQ and educate subscribers on the benefits of the app. Here are a few tips to help you boost subscriber adoption of CommandIQ to new heights.

  1. Engage your entire organization to drive CommandIQ adoption. The “Best Practice Playbook: Driving Engagement of CommandIQ" is an amazing resource to help your entire organization promote your service provider app. The Calix Customer Success team gives you everything from a checklist to align your sales, marketing, and I&R technicians, to a schedule of  virtual engagements geared to the needs of specific roles. You can take advantage of step-by-step marketing plans to engage subscribers—complete with high-quality assets you can get into market at lightning speed. Learn how Cumberland Connect has achieved an 80+ percent attach rate of its CCFiber SmartIQ app by engaging all departments within the company.
  2. Make it as easy as possible for I&R techs to get the app into subscribers’ hands. Although driving app adoption is a company-wide commitment, your install and repair (I&R) technicians play a critical role in increasing app attachment. The goal is to onboard every GigaSpire® BLAST system with the CommandIQ app. However, some I&R technicians may not think they have the time to help every subscriber download the app or may not be comfortable discussing the app’s benefits. This article in Calix Community shows how to overcome the most common objections to CommandIQ and get your organization on track for maximum app adoption.
  3. Get subscribers excited about CommandIQ. To attract, engage, and excite subscribers, you need compelling content. Calix provides a vast array of agency-quality market activation content , making it easy for BSPs to build awareness of, and promote, CommandIQ. From quick start guides to customer help videos, product guides to emailers, Calix provides everything you need to excite, inform, and get subscribers up and running on CommandIQ. We’re particularly thrilled to see the response to the new content we’ve developed in partnership with comedian and television star Gerry Dee. He’s developed entertaining videos showing how he uses CommandIQ to control his family’s home experience—check out “Hugs” and “Book Club.” And we’re coming out with some how-to videos featuring Gerry that your subscribers will love, so stay tuned for more!

To learn how you can drive adoption of CommandIQ, watch the webinar replay “Power of the Mobile App: Your Brand, Their Experience.” 

Area Vice President, Digital Programs, Education and Community, Calix

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