August 4, 2021 by Supriya Iyer

Calix Support Cloud: How To Mobilize Your Frontline Support for Success


Everyone across your organization—sales, marketing, operations, finance, and, of course, customer support—is committed to ensuring your subscribers are thrilled with their broadband service. Frequently that fantastic subscriber experience starts with your field techs (or installation and repair (I&R) technicians); they are the first point of subscriber contact and the face of your brand.

Calix has invested heavily in developing solutions that will enable you to optimize your customer support operations. Over the past few quarters, we’ve made significant enhancements to Calix Support Cloud—a fully redesigned UX/UI, new dashboards to present information where you need it, when you need it, and greater visibility for an advanced subscriber home Wi-Fi experience via CommandIQ® and EDGE Suites.

With our mobile-friendly UI, we’re putting the powerful capabilities of Support Cloud directly into your frontline workers’ hands. The mobile version of Support Cloud, available on tablets or smartphones running standard browsers, empowers field technicians with the information they need to streamline the install process, confirm that everything is “green,” address any issues on the spot, and ensure that subscribers are 100 percent satisfied. Post-install, with immediate access to Support Cloud no matter where they are, field techs have complete visibility of subscriber networks, allowing them to diagnose and resolve problems quickly and avoid repeat truck rolls.

Here are three ways that mobilizing your front line will enhance your customer support while delivering the ultimate subscriber experience.

  1. Maximize resources and reduce costs: Previously, an install would require significant time from both the I&R tech and a customer support representative (CSR) to get everything provisioned and then checked onsite. Now, a CSR can do a brief pre-call with the subscriber to get things queued up, and then the I&R tech can install and check everything themselves, using Support Cloud on their mobile device. This saves significant time and cost while freeing the CSR to handle additional support calls or make outbound sales calls to drive additional revenue.
  2. Ensure a perfect experience from the start: With mobile Support Cloud, including new, real-time topology views, field techs can see every device connected to the network. They can confirm everything is properly connected and determine if an internet-connected printer might cause issues or if a phone with an outdated OS will deliver lackluster performance. Armed with these insights, they can easily resolve the problem and ensure a perfect experience before leaving the subscriber’s home.
  3. Achieve instant resolution: During the subscriber install, I&R techs can see issues such as a large mirror or walls creating dead spots that Wi-Fi signals cannot penetrate. Now, they use mobile Support Cloud to install a mesh device and get it set up immediately without having to dispatch anyone else. Instant resolution can reduce between five and seven percent of unjustified truck rolls—that’s huge savings for you and increased satisfaction for your subscriber.

Explore Calix Support Cloud to learn more about how your CSRs and field techs can partner to improve subscriber experience and lower operating costs. If you are a Calix customer, check out our upcoming Customer Success Virtual Engagements about Support Cloud.