July 14, 2021 by Matt Collins

Over One Million Ordered: Why Broadband Marketers Love GigaSpire BLAST Wi-Fi 6


Masterful marketers like Steve Jobs understood the critical relationship between impactful marketing and simple product design. During the design meetings for the iDVD, for example, Jobs was presented with a jumble of navigation screens. He walked to the whiteboard and drew a rectangle. “Here’s the new application,” he said. “It’s got one window. You drag your video into the window. Then you click the button that says ‘Burn.’ That’s it. That’s what we’re going to make.” 

Successful broadband service providers understand that their growth starts with a cutting-edge home gateway that acts as a virtual storefront for new services. The Calix Revenue EDGE solution starts with the cutting edge GigaSpire BLAST® that will support the rapid deployment of highly popular subscriber services for years and years. It also serves as a fantastic platform to drive your brand recognition and loyalty with your subscribers—not a tech vendor like Plume or Amazon. At Calix, our offerings help you simplify your business—and that includes your marketing efforts. 

While some vendors are just getting started with Wi-Fi 6 systems, GigaSpire BLAST Wi-Fi 6 systems are now in their fourth generation and we’ve surpassed the one million mark in bookings. Here’s why more and more broadband businesses trust these systems as the choice for deployments to deliver a managed experience that subscribers love.

Three Reasons GigaSpire BLAST Systems Offer Incredible Value for Broadband Marketers

1. In 93 percent of GigaSpire BLAST deployments, only a single system is required for carrier-class Wi-Fi coverage in subscriber homes. 

Over 90 percent of subscriber homes get the comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage they need with a single GigaSpire BLAST system—it easily allows you to meet all bandwidth requirements subscribers have in the home (including the increased demand for video streaming, Zoom calls, gaming, etc.). In most cases, subscribers will not need any other solution (pods, extenders) to deliver the ultimate Wi-Fi experience—despite what some companies may be telling your subscribers. Calix customers like GVTC have deployed 30,000 GigaSpire BLAST systems because they’ve found subscribers love the simplest approach—a single system in the home. Why ask subscribers to buy three additional extenders when you can supply them with a single GigaSpire BLAST?

2. Marketers can leverage the combination of GigaSpire BLAST systems, the CommandIQ mobile app, and EDGE Suites to create a “virtual storefront” that drives revenue.

As part of the comprehensive Revenue EDGE solution, the GigaSpire BLAST family enables BSPs to establish “virtual storefronts” in subscriber homes. That’s because GigaSpire BLAST systems are not conventional Wi-Fi gateways. Instead, they are dynamic systems that leverage a container-based architecture (called the Experience Innovation Platform) that allows for the quick and easy addition of new services through cloud-based applications. 

We have grouped a number of pre-integrated applications together, under the umbrella of EDGE Suites. Leveraging the CommandIQ® mobile app (which can be personalized under your brand and creates a direct communication channel with your subscribers), you can easily deliver EDGE Suites, including enhanced parental controls (ExperienceIQ™), home network security (ProtectIQ™) device protection plans (Servify), and advanced Internet-connected cameras (Arlo) to boost ARPU, build loyalty, and reduce churn.

EDGE Suites makes it incredibly simple for you to pick and choose which services you’d like to offer to subscribers as part of your managed Wi-Fi offering—and you can turn on and deliver them with the touch of a button. Again, this is all made possible when you adopt the branded mobile app and deploy GigaSpire BLAST systems in subscriber homes. Leading BSPs are seeing high adoption rates of their mobile apps, including Bascom (80 percent), United Communications (77 percent), and TekSavvy (74 percent)

3. GigaSpire BLAST systems enable you to deliver a superior subscriber experience, which makes your marketing effortless. 

Many Calix customers are choosing to exclusively deploy GigaSpire BLAST systems because it enables them to put their brand front and center in the home, eliminate the support headaches associated with systems purchased at big-box stores, increase subscriber satisfaction, and offer unparalleled customer support with the use of Calix Support Cloud

The bottom line is this: you want to excite your subscribers with a powerful platform that enables you to easily deliver managed services they love. To do this, you need a single Wi-Fi 6 system that provides ultimate Wi-Fi performance, with speeds up to 10 Gbps. And these systems are a future-proof investment for any broadband business—the new GigaSpire BLAST u6x supports every major network technology, including 10G, and boasts a 10-year-plus lifespan.

As Brad Moline, president at ALLO Communications, said, “The Calix Wi-Fi 6 platform and cloud is the only mature carrier class platform in the market. The GigaSpires, coupled with Calix Support Cloud, cover over 90 percent of homes with a single system—with a mesh satellite added on occasion—resulting in a 69 Net Promoter Score (NPS) and a significant reduction in after-installation support as our customers love the solution. With the Revenue EDGE in place, we are very excited as we watch Calix’s pace of innovation speed up and new solutions arrive, allowing us to offer new experiences and grow our market share.”

When you deploy a GigaSpire BLAST, that is the power that will stand behind your branded system in every subscriber’s home for years to come.

Learn how the field-tested and ever-expanding portfolio of GigaSpire BLAST systems can help you meet your subscribers’ unique requirements.