May 13, 2021 by Supriya Iyer

Four New Ways To Optimize Your Customer Support and Create Happy Subscribers


Customer support teams face more challenges than ever. And their jobs became infinitely more complex over the last year in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ve had to help keep broadband subscribers up and running when the world moved to doing everything-from-home, at which point the network became a truly essential lifeline to family, friends, co-workers, and more.

And while working to continually deliver an outstanding experience for subscribers, customer support teams are also focused on meeting the company’s business objectives—decreasing trouble tickets, reducing handling times, avoiding unnecessary truck rolls, and driving operational savings wherever possible.

Here are four ways to optimize how you deliver customer support—and provide an outstanding experience for your subscribers.

1. Provide improved customer support by expanding your visibility into subscriber behavior.

You wouldn’t try to drive a car blindfolded, would you? Of course not. Similarly, you can’t adequately manage your subscribers’ networks with only partial visibility. In our recent releases of Calix Support Cloud, we’ve expanded both the depth and breadth of visibility into subscriber Wi-Fi, into not only the residential gateways, all connected devices (down to the OS), and applications, but also CommandIQ® and EDGE Suites.

For instance, service providers can now provision, view, and configure EDGE Suites—ProtectIQ™ and ExperienceIQ™. In the most recent release, we have extended this much further to include “My Priorities” where subscribers customize how they prioritize applications and devices within their home networks. You can now see exactly what settings your subscribers have established and change the settings directly or walk the subscriber through the process. Having a full view of subscribers’ networks allows agents to have a more informed discussion, leading to faster time to resolution, greater subscriber satisfaction, and lower operational costs.

2. Access critical subscriber data instantly so you can shave minutes off support response times.

When it comes to troubleshooting subscribers’ networks, shaving even seconds off response times can translate into thousands of dollars in savings each year. Therefore, it’s critical that you have immediate access to real-time intelligence on every aspect of your subscribers’ networks.

With a recently revamped UX/UI, Calix Support Cloud provides an intuitive and customizable “cockpit” for support professionals that delivers the insights that they need to immediately diagnose and address issues, from a simple SSID management concern to a complex Wi-Fi interference issue. The information required to eliminate unnecessary trouble tickets and truck rolls is never more than a click away. 

In another recent enhancement, dashboards offering automated data visualization and dynamic filtering make it easier and simpler to track key trends over time and find hidden problems and opportunities. Service providers can slice and dice the data at hand and do deeper dives as needed. More importantly, it allows them to quickly apply that intelligence to make better business decisions. And with the latest release, you have access to the new Wi-Fi Performance dashboard that lets you proactively find and fix performance issues.

3. Empower subscribers to manage their own networks and dramatically decrease trouble tickets.

Providing a branded mobile app with robust self-service capabilities empowers your subscribers to manage their connected home experience—and helps you to decrease trouble tickets, reduce average handle times, and avoid truck rolls. The intuitive, easy-to-navigate CommandIQ app allows subscribers to quickly and easily perform several functions, including:

  • Set prioritization of devices and applications
  • View connected devices and run speed tests 
  • Set guest networks, parental controls, and access advanced security features 
  • Reset the SSID and password for their Wi-Fi
  • Enable new capabilities like connected cameras and device protection
  • Find self-help resources to get quick answers to their questions 

The CommandIQ app (which now has a stunning new design) also gives you an exclusive channel to your subscribers, through which you can communicate new offers, upsell value-added services, provide helpful tips, notify them of potential service issues, and share important company news. All of this adds up to a better experience and increased subscriber satisfaction.

4. Get access to valuable industry best practices and strategies.

No matter your depth experience or level of resources, you always want a strong partner backing you up. With expertise developed from thousands of service provider engagements, Calix will be with you every step of the way. Calix Services span the entire network and service delivery lifecycle and can help you:

  • Design, implement and integrate your network strategy
  • Manage your network with data-driven insights 
  • Optimize your support and marketing outcomes with Customer Success Managers
  • Upskill and train your team

By proactively partnering with you to define your success goals and continuously align your people, processes, and systems to meet them, we are focused on helping you achieve greater results.

To learn how Calix can help you optimize your customer support strategies, request a consultation with a Customer Success Manager or watch the replay of our recent webinar, “Winning in 2021: Lessons from Silver Star To Help You Drive Revenue.”