March 15, 2021 by Gabe Petersen

5 Great Examples That Prove Broadband Subscribers Will Download and Use a Mobile App


The CommandIQ® app enables communication service providers (CSPs) to elevate the experience they deliver to their subscribers. Using the app (which you can personalize with your brand, and only your brand) you can cut through the marketing noise to create a zero-cost, dedicated communication channel. Every CommandIQ interaction reinforces brand awareness with your subscribers and reinforces the value you deliver. You can also leverage the Mobile Notification feature in the app to send push notifications, and seamless integration with Calix Marketing Cloud means you can easily segment subscribers for targeted messaging.  

But there’s one critical detail CSPs must keep in mind to get all these advantages—subscribers must first download your app!  

How to Encourage Subscribers to Download Your Branded Mobile App 

Simply put, if subscribers using a GigaSpire® BLAST system don’t download CommandIQ, then that elevated experience stops before it even starts. The question becomes, how can you encourage app adoption? The Calix customer success team has the pleasure of working with several fantastic CSPs driving adoption of the app and elevating their brands in the process. Below are some tips from some of our most successful customers. 

  1. If a subscriber tells a Bascom Mutual Telephone install and repair technician (I&R tech) that they don’t have a smartphone to download the app, they will ask if they have a tablet instead. It turns out many Bascom subscribers are willing to download the app to a tablet in lieu of a smartphone—and the CommandIQ app functionality is the same on any device. The Bascom Mutual team also offers a trade-in credit for older Wi-Fi systems if a subscriber purchases a GigaSpire.  
  2. Jade Communications requires their I&R techs to review three features of the app with every subscriber before an installation can be considered complete. Any features can be reviewed—but the minimum count is three. This helps their subscribers understand how they can use the app in their own homes.  
  3. Norvado identified that I&R techs were a key touchpoint with their subscribers. They worked closely with the leaders of those teams to ensure that everyone was on the same page and having consistent conversations about the value of CommandIQ with subscribers when in the field. Remember, I&R techs are often some of your best “salespeople” because they are seen as a trusted advisor to subscribers. 
  4. In addition to the option of bundling in ProtectIQ® to your Ultimate Wi-Fi solution, CSPs like SC Telcom have opted to bundle Ultimate Wi-Fi into their higher service tiers. This has two benefits. One, it drives subscribers to upgrade to a higher tier; two, it elevates their Wi-Fi experience.   
  5. Silver Star Communications has bundled ProtectIQ into their Ultimate Wi-Fi solution, providing their team an excellent talking point for why subscribers should download the app. At Calix, we recommend bundling ProtectIQ into your Ultimate Wi-Fi solution. This will drive higher app downloads and a better experience for your subscribers.  

By developing best practices these providers have been able to drive an average app attach rate over 70 percent for their GigaSpire subscribers.  

Increase Downloads of Your Mobile App 

One recommendation for all CSPs is to have customer support representatives (CSRs) and I&R techs introduce the app to your customers during new signups and installs. These two groups offer critical touchpoints with your subscribers during their journey to ensure the successful download and onboarding of the app. For a full list of the best recommendations from our most successful customers around CommandIQ and more, check out the best practice playbooks (links below) posted in the Calix Community.  

Want the latest best practices to increase mobile-app adoption and drive revenue? Attend a "Driving Adoption of CommandIQ" webinar. You can also read the “Best Practice Playbook: Driving Success for BLAST Systems, CommandIQ, and EDGE Suites" and the “Best Practice Playbook: Ultimate Managed Wi-Fi Pricing Model."