July 17, 2020 by Gregory Bathrick

FCC Performance Testing Wave 2 is Around the Corner. Make Sure You are Ready.


FCC performance testing wave 2 is just around the corner and it's crunch time for over 500 CAF recipients. ACAM I, Rural Broadband Experiment, and Alaska Fund participants must start testing during the first quarter of 2021 according to USAC. Are you one of these carriers?

It has always been a goal to provide exceptional broadband performance management for your subscribers. The challenge is establishing a testing framework, reporting and executing associated processes that not only provides actionable insights into speed and latency measurements, but also help you stay on top of FCC compliance reporting. 

The earlier you start, the better. This time last year, several wave 1 carriers initiated extensive pre-testing using the Calix CAF Performance Testing Solution and CAF Performance Testing Professional Services. This extra effort helped ensure compliance to avoid the harsh financial penalties associated with missing the deadline earlier this year.

Please join us for our July 22 educational webinar when regulatory experts, Michael Romano (NTCA) and Tom Cohen (Kelly, Dyre, and Warren) provide the latest update from Washington D.C., followed by Calix solution experts. They will explain how you can simply and easily implement a comprehensive test solution, that minimizes impact on your day-to-day operations while meeting all the FCC obligations.

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