May 14, 2020 by Greg Owens

What if you Could Deliver Improved Broadband Connections Alongside Compelling Value-Added Applications?


As many of you are reading this blog, I suspect that you’re considering, planning, or executing a strategic transformation. Namely, a shift away from a focus on providing broadband connections (where you can only differentiate based on speed and price), toward a business model that involves delivering value-added applications to subscribers. What if you could do both?

The newest Calix EDGE systems—the GigaSpire BLAST u6 and u4 systems—are designed to deliver the best broadband connections, alongside compelling, value-added applications that subscribers are willing to pay for.

Increased throughput and expanded coverage are table stakes

As you would expect, the new BLAST u6 systems are powerful, carrier-class systems designed to deliver the Ultimate Wi-Fi experience for your subscribers, featuring:

  • Unmatched performance: With Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) technology, subscribers will enjoy an unparalleled online experience—with improved coverage, increased throughput, and more simultaneous data streams compared to systems that use 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) technology
  • Enhanced security: Physical unclonable function (PuF) technology, the latest WPA3 security standard, available automatic software updates, and ProtectIQ™ (powered by the EXOS classification engine) all combine to provide improved security
  • Unlimited flexibility: Subscribers will have access to a growing selection of applications, starting with enhanced parental controls and additional home network security protection, as part of the Revenue EDGE.

You can promote the BLAST u6 systems to your subscribers, highlighting the benefits of the latest and greatest technology that is available—exclusively—from you, their service provider.

What’s next for Wi-Fi? Consumer-cool design, cutting edge technology, and carrier class reliability

The new GigaSpire™ BLAST u4 system (and BLAST u4m satellites), coming later this year, are more compact systems, with a consumer-cool design that promises to be a game changer. 

 Previously, you had to rely on consumer Wi-Fi products to offer the latest technology that could be displayed proudly in the family room. Offering those products, however, meant ceding the home to a consumer brand that, often, left you without the tools or insights needed to deliver an unparalleled Wi-Fi experience.

Powered by EXOS, the new u4 systems will provide you with additional options for your subscribers to get the Ultimate Wi-Fi experience.

Delivering additional, value-added services provides true differentiation

Unlike traditional Wi-Fi gateways—which are static pieces of hardware—all Calix EDGE Systems can be improved and enhanced, adding new functionality that can generate additional revenue for years to come, thanks to the power of EXOS.

As part of the EDGE Suites, you can offer your subscribers access to a growing selection of applications within the CommandIQ app, starting with enhanced parental controls (ExperienceIQ) and additional home network security protections (ProtectIQ). Thanks to our rapidly-evolving ecosystem of partners, expect more applications to come later this year, including smart home automation, featuring Samsung SmartThings.

Right-sized systems for every home. It’s all coming together.

The full portfolio of Calix EDGE systems gives you the flexibility to offer the ideal system, based on your subscribers’ unique requirements.

For more information, register for the May 27 webinar “Deliver on your commitment: Improving the Home Broadband Experience Together” or download the Calix EDGE Systems Solution Brief.