March 23, 2020 by Kevin Kuo

Need to Reach Rural Subscribers Quickly and Economically? We are Here to Help

In today’s challenging times, many of your subscribers are working and learning from home, which may be putting unique pressures on those of you who are supporting rural areas. Your abilities to accommodate the increased bandwidth demands emanating from high bandwidth applications such as video conferencing, interactive online gaming, and high-definition video streaming are being challenged.  And, with the data that has emerged from many sources worldwide showing record levels of Internet traffic in the last two weeks, this unprecedented test of your networks' bandwidth is likely going to continue.

Today’s subscribers want reliable connectivity and high-bandwidth Internet availability. Your ability to maintain the highest quality of subscriber services while being able to address network troubleshooting issues quickly and remotely is more critical than ever. We can help you meet these rapidly changing demands from your subscribers.

Learn more about the E3-2 and the Intelligent Access EDGE solution in this new video. The AXOS E3-2 has unparalleled deployment flexibility, designed to be installed in OSP locations such as on a pole, in a strand mount, or within a ground level pedestal, allowing you to reach your rural subscribers quickly and efficiently. 


We know your time is limited, so we are available when you need us. We have resources available on-demand, like our recent Network Edge Innovation Tech Talk. In this replay, you can hear directly from Newport Utilities and DFT Communications and learn more about the successes they have achieved in their rural deployments with the AXOS E3-2.