December 3, 2019 by Bridget Watkins

Don’t be a Griefer, Give your Gamers Some Love


Few consumers love an amazing Internet service experience more than gamers, but, as their service provider, what do you know about them and how do you show them love?

You may have heard that Google launched their new streaming service for gamers on November 19, but it was not without some issues and hiccups:

  • “Everywhere, there are signs that Stadia is unfinished, half-baked, and not fully thought-out” – The Verge
  • “Google Stadia shows the future of gaming without expensive consoles, but it has serious problems at launch” - CNBC

But there is also a glimmer of hope:

  • “When Stadia works perfectly, it feels like the future of gaming… it makes you wonder why we’ve tethered ourselves to hardware for so long” – Gizmodo

Don’t think it ends here. Although streaming gaming services have a long way to go, Microsoft’s Project xCloud and Nvidia GeForce Now both have beta versions in testing for similar services. This is not going away.

What do your gamers want/need?

The ultimate gaming services include a few key components.

  1. Low latency
  2. High, symmetrical speeds (Stadia recommends 35 Mbps dedicated to gaming)
  3. Fantastic Wi-Fi
  4. No data caps

During a recent Calix webinar, we asked more than 110 service providers what their future strategy for gamers might look like. See their responses:

  • 71 percent indicated they need to figure out who their gamers are so they can market more effectively to them
  • 46 percent indicated they should probably consider some new packages for their gamers
  • 41 percent indicated they either need to re-evaluate their data caps or figure out if they can differentiate against their competitors that have data caps

What is the opportunity?

The great news is that service providers have the ability to provide the services that gamers desire and Calix is here to help. It’s not news to anyone that marketing segmentation provides better results and experiences for subscribers. Use Calix Marketing Cloud and Revenue EDGE insights to identify your gamers, create new packages that allow them to dominate, and position yourself to crush your competitors who aren’t paying attention to this segment of Internet subscribers. Schedule a demo now to be ready for 2020.

Not familiar with the Calix Revenue EDGE? Be sure to get up to speed. Watch the webinar replay for more details.