September 27, 2019 by Pam Ferguson

What if you Could Transform your Service Reps into Superheroes?


A recent research report, The State of Customer Service in 2019, based on a survey of over 1000 customer service agents confirms something we’ve hypothesized for a while: today’s customers have a louder, more powerful voice than ever before. 88 percent of surveyed agents said that customers have higher expectations than in the past, and 76 percent said that customers are smarter and more informed now than in the past.

So as a service provider, how do you empower a customer service representative (CSR) when your subscribers expect a quick answer or resolution to a problem affecting their in-home Wi-Fi experience? Subscriber patience wears thin as fast as their dependency on Wi-Fi connectivity and performance grows.

Imagine your frontline reps with the (super)power to see your subscriber experience in real-time and the ability to fix issues with the click of a button. Empowered employees, happier subscribers, and improved business efficiency. It’s a win-win-win.

Watch this video for a brief look at how Calix Support Cloud is enabling customer service representatives to deliver exceptional support.


As you can see, you can easily reduce unnecessary escalations and expensive truck rolls ensuring that your field staff travels only when necessary. While not all problems can be resolved instantly, at the very least, CSRs can have intelligent and informed conversations reducing call times and gaining subscriber confidence.

At Pioneer Telephone Coop, the entire customer care organization took the guess work out of addressing subscriber issues both proactively and reactively. With the depth and breadth of information now at their fingertips, they can more confidently address questions when a subscriber calls.

We also encourage you to discover how Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative (FTC) reduced Average Talk Time and escalations to Tech Support by empowering their CSRs in the upcoming Subscriber Experience webinar on October 2.