August 7, 2019 by Bridget Watkins

Managed Wi-Fi Explained: How to be the Solution for Subscribers


Last week, Greg Owens shared information on why companies are looking at providing Managed Wi-Fi services and how some define what that service includes. This blog continues that theme, covering how service providers can be the solution to subscribers’ Wi-Fi problems.

In my previous life working for a service provider we started out, as many companies do, by selling a router for subscribers that didn’t want to venture out to the big box store or try to figure out which of the thousands available to order online. The problem with this model was that once we sold it, it was their problem. If they had issues with their Wi-Fi, we charged them a trip charge and an hourly fee to help solve it. This caused frustration for both our subscribers and our techs. We knew there had to be a better way!

We can all look at our own homes to see the ratio of devices connected wirelessly versus wired and the concept of being able to provide an easy solution to a significant pain point for subscribers becomes quite obvious. 

Be the solution, not part of the problem

A better option is to provide subscribers with a Managed Wi-Fi solution, with clearly defined benefits, powered by a carrier-class system — such as the Calix GigaCenter or Calix GigaSpire. Managed Wi-Fi also provides a strategic foothold in the home and provides the potential to extend your offer with carrier-class mesh Wi-Fi extenders, such as the Calix 804Mesh or GigaMesh. Not only are you providing a better subscriber experience you are introducing a platform that can contribute to revenue growth.

Managed Wi-Fi reins in support costs

Effective, remote technical support is a must-have if you’re selling a Managed Wi-Fi service. When technical problems arise, your subscribers expect prompt resolution and you want to position yourself as their single point of contact. Using a product like Calix Support Cloud (CSC) will help your support team pinpoint issues and improve the customer experience.

The benefits of this approach are well articulated by Brandon Schwindt at Consolidated Telcom in North Dakota in this short video. Here’s an excerpt:

“We have cut call times in half. Not only call times, even having techs out at customers’ premises, those have been halved just by being able to manage all of the wireless and router information right from our desks.”

Elevate the subscriber experience while capturing new revenue

Once your Managed Wi-Fi solution is in place, you have visibility into, and control over, what’s going on in the home network. This visibility includes data that, when aggregated by Calix Marketing Cloud (CMC), can provide insights into the behavior of your subscribers, such as how much bandwidth they’re using, whether or not they are enjoying good Wi-Fi coverage, and more. These subscriber insights typically lead to new revenue opportunities, better churn prediction, and a truly personalized subscriber engagement.

Blake Callaham explains how CMC has helped Pioneer improve the effectiveness of their marketing efforts in this short video. Here’s an excerpt:

“Calix has given us the tools we need to provide the best possible experience for our members today while ensuring that we can continue to meet their growing expectations in the future.”

Need advice on Managed Wi-Fi? We can help!

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