August 21, 2019 by Bridget Watkins

Do You Need 10G?

Service providers are being challenged by demanding subscribers to continually improve bandwidth availability to support an increasing number of connected devices and the use of higher bandwidth applications. Just yesterday I had a conversation with a service provider who is looking at solutions to provide “more than 2G.” It’s not because subscribers are demanding it, but because their competition is already in market with a 2-gigabit solution. So, there is pressure from subscribers, and pressure from your existing competitors, and maybe even newcomers to the market that may launch with services up to 10G. But, what does this mean for you? 

You NEED flexibility!

Do you need to start building a new network? No, what you need is a flexible solution that enables you to bring 10G services to subscribers who want it. By leveraging EXOS, AXOS, and the network you’ve already built, Calix everyPON solutions enable you to bring speeds up to 10G and beyond to those subscribers who need it and stay one step ahead of your competition.

How do you know who needs 10G or more?

You may have some subscribers that tell you they need more than gigabit speeds, so having a solution in place to meet that demand is wise for those who want to be viewed as a technology and solution leader in their market. You can also use Calix Marketing Cloud to identify those high bandwidth users and have a clear lens into areas where you may need to add bandwidth to the PON to serve future subscriber demand. 


To learn more about whether 10G should be in your strategy , visit our newly updated 10G Solutions page and let us know when you are ready to talk 10G.