August 15, 2019 by Kevin Kuo

Delivering a “Just like PON” ONT Management Experience; Now that’s AXOS Active Ethernet Reimagined


The Active Ethernet market has been looking for an industry-impacting growth catalyst. It has needed an innovative market differentiator that would simplify the way service providers have been deploying and managing the ONTs related to their Active Ethernet deployments.

Have you ever imagined having a “just like PON” experience in terms of having the ONT management capabilities be managed by a line card solution?

Would having a common ONT provisioning and management model help simplify and accelerate your future Active Ethernet market deployments?

We understand that the one of the fundamental problems within today’s Active Ethernet deployments lies in its adhereance to a radically different management model when compared to that of GPON. Why can’t we just leverage the aforementioned concept and apply it to Active Ethernet ONTs? The amount of information required to provision an Active Ethernet ONT is essentially no different to that for GPON since the database for GPON is localized to the OLT. If we applied the same logic to the OLT, but from an Active Ethernet standpoint, we would have no need for remote servers to manage the devices. This would ultimately result in enhancing the value of the OLT and positioning it as a key value contributor to the overall solution. By coupling the OLT and the ONT more tightly, we could drastically reduce the complexity level and service provider frustration in managing and deploying Gigabit Ethernet services in today’s world.

Well that day is now here. Calix is introducing “Active Ethernet Reimagined” by delivering ONT management capabilities to its AXOS E7-2 GE-24 r2 line card solution. Just imagine, you can now enable and embrace:

  • Rapid deployment of high-density Gigabit Ethernet business and residential services
  • Consolidation of back-office servers that simplifies your network operations
  • Optimal Gigabit Ethernet service delivery with enhanced AXOS diagnostic capabilities via the AXOS Diagnostic Toolbox
  • Unified services and network management
  • DHCP and TFTP server functionality be performed by the line card

The combination of AXOS and the ONT management capabilities delivered by the GE-24 r2 line card is unmatched and will deliver simplicity, a “just like GPON” experience and true differentiation to the marketplace.

If you would like to learn more about this disruptive solution, be sure to register for our upcoming August 27 AXOS GE-24 r2 “Active Ethernet Reimagined” solution webinar here.