August 12, 2019 by Bridget Watkins

Are you Marketing Where your Subscribers are?


On July 31, Calix hosted a webinar featuring a case study about NCC’s fantastic success with a targeted social media campaign. The webinar highlighted how they “cracked the code” on social media strategy and achieved a 9X result on their marketing spend. We asked a few polling questions during the course of the webinar and one of them got me thinking about how this may translate to a larger base. 

Where are my subscribers?

Some great research from Pew Internet from February of 2019 was shared during the webinar that included information on what percent of U.S. adults use various social platforms. The top 3 were:

  • YouTube at 73 percent
  • Facebook at 69 percent
  • Instagram at 37 percent

And for purposes of aligning this with the results we saw during the webinar, we’ll throw in Twitter, being used by 22 percent of U.S. adults.

So, the most interesting observation from the respondents during the webinar was in response to the question: What social platform(s) is your business currently on?

  • Facebook at 96 percent
  • Instagram at 65 percent
  • Twitter and YouTube at 48 percent

These responses clearly do not align with the participation of adults on these various platforms. So, this begs the question, am I using the right social platforms to reach my subscribers or potential subscribers? 

What platforms should I be using?

To start, it is worth the conversation to look at the list of where subscribers are and determine what type of strategy and spend makes sense on each platform. These platforms have integrated targeting tools to help reach your intended audience. For service providers with Calix Marketing Cloud, there are clear insights demonstrating what platforms your subscribers are using and when, so you can target them at the times they are most likely online.

Where do you start?

52 percent of respondents in the webinar indicated that they aren’t sure how to convert a social media presence into loyalty and revenue, so start with a replay of the webinar, if you missed it. NCC provides some great insights into their process to convert their social presence into revenue. The next step should be to look at your overall social media strategy and/or create one to determine how it aligns to the platforms your subscribers are using and secondarily evaluate what type of campaigns you could potential integrate into these various platforms, the potential ROI for these platforms cannot be ignored.