July 29, 2019 by Doug Blue

Pivoting to FTTH Costs Cable Operators Less Than Deploying Fiber Deep


The single largest impediment to a cable operator’s network transformation is – surprisingly – their existing network. Over the past decade, while operators have toyed with superior Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technologies, operators usually opt for less capable and lower cost incremental HFC network upgrades. 

I think few would argue, however, that the total cost of these DOCSIS® and HFC outside plant investments, over a period of years, is far greater than a cost of a complete FTTH network overhaul. But writing one, big, fat check, all at one time, is often where the FTTH business case falls apart. So, despite the benefits of PON, cable operators have relegated the technology to edge use cases. However, there is a better way.

A study conducted by Calix and CCI Systems demonstrated that taking a hybrid approach to network upgrades could save operators anywhere from 48-63 percent in contrast to an all-in approach to one specific technology and architecture. If cable operators deploy a PON overlay and move their top consumers of bandwidth to the all fiber network, the cost savings are dramatic. Stop making incremental investments and reconsider your approach to cable network transformation. To learn more, visit us this week at The Independent Show in Chicago (Booth 209) or download the paper.