June 13, 2019 by Jason Murphy

Top Three Reasons Customers Turn to Calix Professional Services for SMx Deployment


AXOS SMx represents a new subscriber-centric approach when it comes to provisioning and managing your network. As customers are implementing AXOS for the first time, they are turning to Calix Professional Services to help them implement mission critical components like SMx. Here are the top three reasons customers are telling us why it was beneficial to use Professional Services in their AXOS and SMx deployment.

Reason 1: “I needed SMx turned up and deployed per best practices.”

SMx is a critical connector within AXOS and customers’ number one reason to leverage Calix Professional Services is to make sure it is set up and configured per best practices. While the documentation spells out how to set up SMx, there are a lot of different ways to configure services. Knowing how to leverage all the options is important.

Don Feeney, Professional Services Network Engineer, works with customers daily to help with their Calix AXOS and SMx deployments and shared some of his experiences.

“As you grow your network, things can get complicated, so we work with customers to think about not only what they want to accomplish in the near term but also into the future. They know that how they set up SMx initially can impact how easy it is to manage and expand. Customers appreciate our forward-looking advice on the important things to consider that will help them scale.”

“We make sure customers understand how to create class maps, policy profiles, data and voice service templates, dial plans, SIP profiles, and more. We help them with the end-to-end provisioning process of creating subscribers, associating them with an ONT, and adding services. We also make sure they know how to update ONT software and create workflows for scheduled platform backups for better management and system reliability.”

Reason 2: “I needed help not only for SMx, but also for the end-to-end network design. Calix took the time to teach me how it all works. You made it easy!”

The comprehensive service we provide not only includes the SMx install and turn-up, but also engineering of your AXOS network, turn-up of AXOS nodes, provisioning of a subscriber, and verifying the data, video, and voice services are working. We step customers through the process of how to create their own services and make sure they can be self sufficient after we hand it over to them. Our goal is to help shorten the learning curve on leveraging the extensive capabilities of SMx.

Reason 3: “You made my life easier and freed me up to do my job.”

We get it, you are already busy with subscribers, and the last thing you want to worry about is loading SMx, turning it up, and testing it. You just want it to work. Professional Services SMx deployment options make it easier to get you functional by breaking down the operational barriers keeping you from deploying AXOS.

To find out how Calix Professional Services can help you on your AXOS deployment initiative, visit the Calix Professional Services web page or contact a Calix Services expert to find out more about SMx Deployment Services.