April 12, 2019 by Greg Owens

The Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA): Advancing Broadband Together


During the week of April 1–5, the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA) held three events in Charleston, SC, which included:

  • TelcoTV Symposium
  • BMMA Annual Meeting
  • Broadband Services Seminar

Founded in 2003, the BMMA is a non-profit organization focused on the marketing of broadband and smart home services, while also providing members with information about industry trends, market conditions, and the challenges faced by communications service providers (CSPs) across North America.

Personally, I have been involved with the BMMA (on and off) for 10 years and am currently serving my second consecutive one-year term on the BMMA Board of Directors. (I also served on the BMMA BoD between 2009–2011.) In my experience, the main benefit of this organization can be summarized in one word: relationships. With the relationships established through the BMMA, you will be able to reach out to your peers to get information and ideas on dealing with some of the daily challenges that you face.

The BMMA enjoys a reputation for holding uniquely open and value-filled face-to-face meetings where product and marketing managers come to share best practices and get to know their peers. Some of the highlights from last weeks’ events include:

  • The future of streaming video, broadcast TV, and next-gen video platforms, with insights from TDS Telecom, MTA (Alaska) and GVTC (Texas)
  • Customer retention strategies, featuring a panel discussion with TDS Telecom, Windstream, and Cincinnati Bell
  • The importance of customer experience, with lessons learned from GVTC (Texas) and Tbaytel (Canada)
  • Subscriber growth strategies, with suggestions from Windstream
  • Marketing value-added services and IoT, with recommendations from Cincinnati Bell

Calix has been involved with the BMMA for many years and remains dedicated to developing strong partnerships within the telecommunications industry by supporting industry groups that provide a forum for CSPs to discuss relevant issues.

The next BMMA event will take place in September 2019. Details on the exact dates and location of this event will be available soon. In the meantime, CSPs that want to learn more are invited to join one of the monthly web-based conference calls — called ‘Hot Topic Calls’. The April 23 call, ‘The Transition and Marketing of a New Video Streaming Service’, features Dustin Schlaefli, Director of Customer Engagement, from Nex-Tech (Kansas). If you are interested in joining this call, please contact Lauren Roux.

I understand that there are a lot of industry events and organizations for you to choose from. It is impossible to attend them all. After working in the telecommunications sector for more than 20 years I can tell you, with confidence, that few industry organizations offer what the BMMA does. (Apart, of course, from Calix ConneXions.)

For the second year in a row, Calix recognized as 'Best in Class' by BMMA

On April 2, the BMMA BoD presented Calix with a ‘Best in Class Marketing Award’ for the launch of our Smart Home and Business solution. The awards are presented each year to companies that have delivered superior marketing programs related to the delivery of broadband services. (This is the second consecutive year that Calix has been selected for this award. In 2018 Calix received the award for the Mesh-enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi launch campaign.)