January 22, 2019 by Greg Owens

Is Internet the Same as Wi-Fi?

Do your subscribers understand the difference between using Wi-Fi and connecting to the Internet?

Wi-Fi technology is extremely popular and available just about everywhere. Whether you’re grabbing a cup of coffee, shopping for shoes, or enjoying a family pizza night, you’re likely to have a Wi-Fi hotspot available. But connecting to Wi-Fi does not always mean that you are connected to the Internet.

Calix has created a new 2-minute video to explain the difference between connecting to the Internet and using a Wi-Fi connection.

After watching the video below, you can visit our Marketing and Education Resources page to download the source file (under the “Educational Videos” tab) and add your own branded ‘bumpers’. Then, feel free to post the video to your web site, distribute it to your subscribers via an e-mail campaign or one of your social media channels, or turn it into a short commercial.

You can also find a two-page PDF document titled ‘What’s the difference between the Internet & Wi-Fi?’ (under the “Education” tab) that can be rebranded (or used ‘as is’) and posted to your web site, edited for your blogs or newsletters, or turned into ‘talking points’ and shared with your CSRs and/or field technicians.

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