November 29, 2018 by Kezia Gollapudi

Who are the Jetsons in your Subscriber Base?


For years The Jetsons, an iconic animated TV show that first aired in the 1960s, has been a favorite go-to for referencing futuristic technologies.

The space-age family lived in an ultramodern world of wireless communications, robots and home automation. They introduced us to tech ahead of its time like home computing, video conferencing, wireless vacuums, kitchen automation and robotic assistants. I have yet to see flying cars during my commute, but more than 50 years later, many of those early ideas are mainstream vs. pure sci-fi.

And we have come a long way since Nest thermostats first teased us with the promise of a real smart home about seven years ago. Yet, many consumers are still tinkering with all the sensors and gadgets out there. According to a recent report, the worldwide smart home devices market is forecasted to ship 549.5 million devices by end of 2018, which is about 27 percent more than last year. For service providers, this opens up a huge opportunity to turn the potential chaos into delivering a true smart home experience. And here’s what an end-to-end solution looks like.

But how do you recognize your Jetsons? While some subscribers are clearly early adopters, there is always a pack of subscribers that remain laggards, while others embrace new ideas more cautiously in spite of the present rapid tech adoption. What criteria would you use to determine who’s who?

Per the current state of the smart home landscape, it’s not just gadget geeks who are investing in smart gear. It’s a variety of subscribers that are driven by the convenience, efficiency and safety of a smart home. How long would it take to scour through your entire subscriber base to find the right targets for your smart home offers?

I have several friends “smartening” their aging parents’ homes as a Christmas gift – think smart plugs, security cameras, thermostats, coffee machines, etc. Probably not your typical target market if you just went by simple demographics. How would you make sure they are on your campaign list?

What if you could automatically pick out subscribers that are most likely to want or need your smart home services? Calix Marketing Cloud introduced the Smart Home lens to help service providers address these exact questions.

When your smart home offering is ready for primetime, all you have to do is roll it out to these subscribers who are most likely to buy. And choose to further customize your targets based on additional insights. Check out this video for a closer look at the new Smart Home lens.

Beyond just easily finding ‘the Jetsons’ within your subscriber base, you can also lower your marketing spend and reinvest in building a sustainable business around the exploding smart home market. To learn more about how service providers can win the race to capturing the complete smart home opportunity, sign up for our upcoming "Elevate your game in 2019: Elevate your services and revenue by capturing the smart home opportunity" webcast.