October 5, 2018 by Kevin Kuo

Simplify and Accelerate Your Service Troubleshooting Capabilities with the AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox

Today’s telecommunications network is undergoing an evolutionary transformation---one that requires a service provider to make a corresponding change in how they support and maintain the services that they offer to their subscriber base.

The dramatic growth in network complexity has made management and maintenance costlier and more time-consuming. Advanced remote diagnostic capabilities are needed to add new levels of serviceability and flexibility in order for service providers to address the increasing volume of services demand.

The AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox was developed with the aforementioned need in mind. The toolbox offers a very unique set of tools powered by our AXOS Platform. One of the tools, the AXOS Remote Packet Capture (AXOS RPC), features the network protocol analyzer Wireshark application and can help you shorten resolution times for addressing network or service-related problems (see the video below for a demonstration of the tool in action).

Click here for more information on the innovative Calix AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox and the disruptive tools and capabilities that will help you speed troubleshooting while minimizing the need for on-site service calls.