October 19, 2018 by Tom Cohen

Learn and Share the Latest Regulatory and Funding Updates at ConneXions


Every year at Calix ConneXions Innovation and User Conference, we go through the many regulatory issues that are affecting your business. This year Alan DiCicco of Calix and I are fortunate to be joined for our discussion by two people who are regulatory experts and good friends: Matt Polka, President and CEO, American Cable Association, and Mike Romano, Sr. Vice President of Industry Affairs and Business Development, NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association.

Matt will discuss the world of video programming, including the fallout from the now-dead Sinclair-Tribune deal and what’s still to come from Fox’s sale of its Regional Sports Networks and from the pending Gray-Raycom merger. He also will talk about the ugly world of retransmission consent agreements and whether there is any relief in sight, including from the recently launched not-for-profit app Locast. If you’re at all interested in video programming, you’ll find Matt a deep source of knowledge.

Mike is “the” person who knows about all things related to the Connect America Fund. He will discuss the potential for additional funding for Tier 3 carriers, FCC compliance obligations, and the fallout from the recent Phase II reverse auction. Beyond CAF, there are more sources of money for operators to be aware of.

And, of course, we will provide an update on Open Internet issues, including the upcoming court review of the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order and the fight over the California Net Neutrality law. We also will review the FCC’s recent infrastructure decisions, including the pole attachment and access to public rights-of-way orders, and the latest on privacy and data security issues, including the just enacted California law and the potential for a federal law.

That’s more than enough for several hours for discussion, but we’ve got less than one, so we will make our remarks brief — most especially because we want to answer your questions. So, come prepared, and we look forward to seeing you on Monday afternoon for our panel — as well as in the halls during the conference.

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