June 14, 2018 by Lingaraj Patil

Accelerate Your Business, Grab More Opportunities


Are you ready to accelerate ahead of the competition? Ready to grab opportunities right out from under their noses? 

The pace of change is accelerating and time to market is one of the biggest advantages that a company can have while tapping into big, but fast-moving opportunities.

Very often, tapping into new opportunities requires integrating new systems into your existing ecosystem of network elements and the accompanying OSS, BSS, and network management systems. It is a time consuming, tedious, and often expensive process. It entails building a lab that duplicates your network and having team members spend long days in the lab while sharing systems. 

Getting ahead of the competition also means you need to integrate brand new system types as early as possible; waiting for actual hardware takes away your advantage. 

What if you could download the new system software onto your laptop and start testing and integration efforts right away?

That is exactly what you can do with AXOS Sandbox.

AXOS Sandbox is a virtual environment that dramatically improves the economics of new services introduction. Virtual environments have been around for many years, but in 2017, Calix was the first to introduce a virtual sandbox environment that runs the actual production software release of an access system – all from the convenience of your laptop.

By using open standard interfaces NETCONF/YANG, OpenFlow, and SNMP, AXOS Sandbox quickly and easily slides into existing service provider networks so you can quickly roll-out new services and achieve a faster time to revenue.

Hundreds of service providers have already downloaded and tested AXOS Sandbox. If you want to know more about AXOS Sandbox or learn how dedicated Calix professionals can help you get started, visit our website for more information.