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May 30, 2018
2 min

It's A Winner: E9-2 Named Most Innovative SDN Solution

Have you heard the news? The AXOS E9-2 was recognized last week at the Network Virtualization conference as the Most Innovative SDN Solution. Wow! That is high praise considering the AXOS E9-2 solution competed against SDN solutions from across the service provider networking industry.

The AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System delivers deployable SDN innovation to the FTTP access network in a unique solution that balances a scalable software-defined architecture, low entry cost, and seamless network and OSS migration options.

As a solution set, the E9-2 consolidates all broadband subscriber service delivery functions into one single data plane “touch point”, while disaggregating the management and control planes into discreet software components that can live in any x86 compute environment.

Leading service providers like Verizon are leveraging the AXOS E9-2 to deliver on the promise and vision of SDN while reaping the immediate economic benefits of a full-featured 10G PON production solution. The AXOS E9-2 delivers:

  • Separate Management, Control, and Data planes, independently optimized for their physical and logical deployment location.
  • Centralized subscriber management, policy, and control, simplifying network design and lower operating costs.
  • Fully modeled, standard APIs for interoperable, multi-vendor SDN orchestration – providing choice and agility while lowering integration cost.
  • The best that COTS silicon has to offer – the packet switch, traffic management, and host CPU complex of the E9-2 leverage commercial off-the-shelf chipsets available to all systems developers.
  • A virtualized Sandbox environment enabling both telco and MSO service providers and OSS vendors to integrate and test with emulated hardware running on white box compute.
  • Scale out and flexible deployment, enabling pay-per-use economics correlated with subscriber service delivery.

It is easy to define an SDN-inspired network, much harder to build one, and very difficult to migrate a production access network from the current operating environment to one that lives up to the principles of SDN. Together, Calix and our service provider partners are doing all three with the AXOS E9-2. 

Area Vice President, Product Marketing, SmartLife Managed Services and Revenue EDGE Wi-Fi Systems

Alan DiCicco is the area vice president, product marketing, SmartLife managed services and Revenue EDGE Wi-Fi Systems. Alan leverages knowledge in optical networking technologies, Wi-Fi and 5G wireless solutions, and software-defined networking. Alan has over 25 years of experience in senior networking and communications systems roles. He also spent the first few years of his communication career working for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (NASA) and is passionate about planetary exploration.  

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