January 5, 2018 by Carl Meyerhofer

What does the Revolutionary War and Gigabit Networks have in common? More than you may think!



Ever heard of place called Concord, Massachusetts? How about “the shot heard round the world?”  Well, Concord, Massachusetts happens to be the site of the famous “shot heard round the world” and it also happens to be the home of Concord Municipal Light Plant (MLP).  When it comes to making history, Concord MLP has quite a reputation to live up to. 

In 2009, Concord MLP embarked on a mission to optimize their fiber network to support smart grid applications and enhance the efficiency of their power network.  Concord built a 100-mile fiber optic network and since 2009 they have been finding innovative ways to monetize this network investment.  From smart meters to gigabit broadband services, Concord MLP has found a number of value added applications to leverage and monetize this valuable fiber optic network asset. In addition to enabling smart grid applications, the network has dramatically reduced the municipality’s communication costs and has provided an additional revenue stream through dark fiber lease agreements.

Concord MLP is still at the early stage of realizing all the benefits this fiber network can bring this community. The innovation and creativity never stops in Concord.  It is great to see a municipality that has taken steps to reduce costs, increase revenue, provide new services to residents all while reducing emissions in the future.

To learn more details about Concord’s fiber initiative, click to hear the story directly from the Concord management team.

You can also read the Harvard University report – Citizens Take Charge which provides in depth details on this remarkable initiative.