January 25, 2018 by Gregory Bathrick

Are You Struggling to Meet the Needs of the Online Gamer?


Are you worried about how online gaming is affecting your network?

A dramatic change in how consumers use the Internet is affecting service providers. Only a few years ago, Internet usage was predictable, and operators would only need to offer a set of asymmetric rate plans to keep their subscribers happy. In a recent VNI report, Cisco predicts that there will be a 62 percent compound annual growth rate in online gaming between 2016-2021. Online gaming, which includes networked console gaming and multiplayer virtual-world gaming, requires low latency links which are highly dependent on the amount of upstream bandwidth available.

How happy will these gamers be using your network?

Something needs to change. Although considered adequate solutions a few years ago, neither VDSL nor DOCSIS have the upstream capabilities necessary to meet the needs of online gamers; therefore, they are often battling throughput, latency, or even jitter issues which will significantly impact a gamer’s screen and interactive play capabilities. Stable, high quality broadband Internet access is no longer a luxury, it is a requirement. Today’s gamers have choices and will look elsewhere should they be faced with having to overcome poor quality online gaming limitations day in and day out.

So, how would this impact your ability to retain subscribers within multiple dwelling units (MDUs) given your current access technology?

Calix AXOS Gfast is the only true symmetric gigabit over copper service today. Very similar to FTTH, Gfast provides a robust symmetric rate that will help your subscribers win the big online gaming tournament. This symmetric service is empowered by the Calix collective dynamic time allocation (cDTA) capability.

Calix Gfast solutions are built on AXOS, which provides your MDU-based subscribers the same service capabilities and throughput rates as those in single-family homes. In other words, your subscribers would enjoy the same consistent high-quality set of broadband services whether they were being served over copper or over fiber.

To learn more about how Calix AXOS Gfast solutions are meeting the needs of gamers in MDUs, go here to listen in on a replay of our “Meeting the MDU Challenge” webinar that was conducted earlier this month.