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May 25, 2017 by Ben Chan

Win the Race with Managed Wi-Fi

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You can’t win the race without crossing the finish line. The same applies to the communication service industry. For years, service providers have been racing to build the best broadband infrastructures to the traditional demarcation in the home. These infrastructures often overlook Wi-Fi gateways that provide the first connect point for subscribers’ devices inside the premises. With the proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled devices, the “finish line” for service providers is all about providing the best experience to subscribers’ Wi-Fi devices anywhere inside the home. Until then, the winner remains to be seen.

As service providers use ONTs to terminate their gigabit fiber services, they often leave the Wi-Fi gateway to subscribers with unmanaged retail products or routers that have basic management capabilities. As we all know, when subscribers struggle with Wi-Fi issues, they usually call service provider help desks. Without adequate tools to manage the gateway, it will take a much longer time for resolution, and service providers often get the blame regardless of the root cause of the problem. A poor user experience will increase churn and operational cost - and put profitability in jeopardy. 

By extending service ownership into subscribers’ homes with a managed Wi-Fi gateway, service providers can assure better coverage and performance. The other essential element is managed solution, which allows customer service representatives (CSRs) to have total visibility into all devices and home network environment remotely. With adequate management tools, CSRs can identify and resolve subscribers’ issues quickly. This crucial capability can also eliminate expensive truck rolls, therefore reducing operational cost.

In summary, service providers should not stop at the infrastructure demarcation and leave their business in the hands of unmanaged Wi-Fi gateways. They need to extend their access services with managed Wi-Fi solutions to every device, cross the finish line, and win their subscribers’ loyalty. Learn more about how to use Calix Cloud managed GigaCenters to deliver the best subscriber experience.