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May 16, 2017 by Craig Thomas

G.fast: Flexibility across all MDUs


Are you like many service providers, not aware of what cabling is inside each MDU? Do you need a single solution across all existing MDU infrastructure?

It is a repeating theme with see with many of the service providers we work with, especially when MDU infrastructure was installed by property developers.

Deploying services inside MDU buildings has never gotten any easier. Historically, MDUs have presented a challenge to service providers when creating competitive services over existing copper. Historically, site surveys were needed to evaluate what would be the best technology to deploy.

MDUs are challenging as infrastructure, often owned by the building owner, is difficult to update. Fiber throughout the building may be costly or logistically prohibitive. However, even though MDUs vary greatly, the differing infrastructure still has common characteristics.  

Generally, in buildings, there are distribution points that serve one or more floors and from these locations, wiring connects directly to the living unit. The wiring types to the living unit we see most are CAT1 (aka Station Wire), CAT3, or CAT5 twisted pair, and/or coax. 

Calix AXOS G.fast can be used today not just to deliver DOCSIS-beating services over all these copper types, but also can deliver a real symmetrical gigabit experience across MDUs.

An FTTH-comparative service across existing infrastructure becomes simple with G.fast as a universal MDU solution whatever the copper type. Can DOCSIS or DSL compete with that? 

So, ask yourself, what would it mean to have a universal MDU copper solution that drastically lowers the number of site surveys and dramatically reduces your actual time to market?