March 6, 2017 by Juan Vela

Introducing the 2017 Innovative Ideas Workshop series


In the next 3-5 years, the world will surpass 50 billion IoT devices. That’s about seven devices per person globally but rest assured, the share of devices on your network will be significantly higher. This poses important questions. 

  • What impact will this have on network operations?
  • Will explosive growth in IoT devices affect your subscriber experience?
  • Are you ready to meet the changing network demands of IoT armed subscribers?

We at Calix have been thinking about this emerging reality for years, and we have a clear vision on what service providers need to do to succeed.

  • The broadband network must have greater intelligence through instrumentation.
  • The broadband network must have greater subscriber and flow visibility, data collection, and analysis.
  • The broadband network must evolve from a dumb pipe where all the network intelligence is in the core to Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access where the intelligence is distributed and closer to the subscriber edge.

Register now for the Innovative Ideas Workshop Series to learn about key market trends and the powerful tools you can use to master this emerging market. After attending, you will also understand how Subscriber Driven Intelligent Access will be the key to delivering an unmatched subscriber experience while reducing operational costs.

The Innovative Ideas Workshop Series is a must attend event, designed for broadband service provider management, marketing, engineering, planning, and operations professionals.

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