August 22, 2017 by Juan Vela

Who Knew Service Providers Could Deliver the Best Value in Wi-Fi? We did.

Wi-Fi is booming, and the opportunities are countless! However, there's a well-documented challenge facing service providers. 50 percent of consumers blame their ISP for problems with their Wi-Fi, regardless of who installed their router. That's a statistic that keeps popping up because it magnifies the root challenge for many service providers. Either own the Wi-Fi antennae and by extension, the subscriber experience, or let someone else do it and still get the blame for service issues.


If service providers don't control the Wi-Fi environment in the home, it opens an opportunity for companies like Amazon to invade homes with services that promise to improve Wi-Fi quality and the subscriber experience but cut the broadband provider out of the Wi-Fi value chain. That's a recipe for long-term disaster as broadband providers risk being viewed as nothing more than ‘pipe' providers.

Wi-Fi environments change over time. New devices, different services, and applications, changes in spectral conditions – all contribute to a dynamic environment that can only be accommodated by an evolution in Wi-Fi.  That evolution is here.

Calix is excited to introduce mesh-enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi. This exciting upgrade to GigaCenters is the first mesh Wi-Fi solution designed specifically for service providers. Service providers can elevate the subscriber experience through enhanced coverage and performance using features like intelligent Wi-Fi that adapts to ever-changing conditions. Why deliver the status quo when you can deliver the spectacular?

Perhaps more importantly, mesh-enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi puts service providers in the position to dramatically improve their business. Calix Cloud, GigaCenters, and new 804Mesh satellites collectively create incredible value for service providers by helping reduce support costs through subscriber self-installs and reduced Wi-Fi related support costs while also growing revenues. Why should subscribers spend up to $500 for consumer grade when they can spend $5 a month for Carrier Class mesh that's offered by their service provider? Who knew service providers could deliver the best value in Wi-Fi?  We-did.  

Calix Marketing Cloud can help identify target upsell opportunities. Calix Support Cloud can manage the ongoing experience reduce operational complexity. Together with GigaCenters and 804Mesh satellites, Calix enables service providers to finally capitalize on the booming Wi-Fi opportunity. To learn more, check out the press release.

Welcome to mesh-enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi!