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August 9, 2017 by Sarita Fernandes

How to Automate Customer Support without losing the Personal Touch


Customer service automation can be a wonderful thing. It provides an efficient method for customer engagement and when done right, saves time and money for businesses and consumers. For consumers, it’s about providing them with the flexibility of how they interact with businesses and improving their customer experience. And, for businesses, it’s about increasing the efficiency of call-handling, managing costs, and delivering a great brand experience.

To automate, businesses implement intelligent call routing, workflow automation, self-service portals, and more recently, have been relying on bots. And while bots, can help with automation and reducing costs, they are no substitute for actual human interaction. For example, popular bots like Alexa and Siri are adept at understanding speech, but they cannot interpret emotion. Humans have empathy. It is impossible to deliver great customer support without empathy and emotional intelligence.

As a broadband service provider, what can you automate without losing that personal touch?

Here at Calix, we’ve given the subject of broadband customer support a lot of thought. We have focused on automation to enhance rather than hinder the subscriber experience. Today, very little automation has been implemented around broadband troubleshooting. Subscribers must deal with long resolution times that frequently involve escalations and providers must dispatch technicians that result in expensive truck rolls. Not a great experience for the subscriber and a costly venture for the provider!

To deliver the right balance of automation and human interaction, we have developed an easy-to-use solution, Calix Support Cloud (CSC), that delivers automation for maximum impact – in the areas of troubleshooting and remediation. Designed for the needs of the frontline customer support representative (CSR), CSC empowers CSRs with automated tools that tackle the heavy-lifting of troubleshooting and frees them up to interact with subscribers to deliver that much needed personal touch!

Want to learn more about a solution that enables the right balance of automation and human interaction? Visit Calix Support Cloud.