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Perspectives that Catalyze Innovation

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Perspectives that Catalyze Innovation

August 29, 2018 by Teresa Mastrangelo

Smart Cities – We’ve Got the Technology to Make it Happen

Broadbandtrends principal analyst Teresa Mastrangelo highlights the promise of smart cities and discusses the challenges facing cities as they try to make their infrastructure smarter to help increase efficiency and productivity, reduce the carbon footprint, and improve the quality of life for citizens. ... READ MORE 

July 26, 2018 by Teresa Mastrangelo

Don’t Let Your OSS/BSS Keep You from Launching New Services

Broadbandtrends Principal Analyst Teresa Mastrangelo shares how the approach of "integrate once, deploy often," will help service providers accelerate their time-to-market with new services.... READ MORE 

June 11, 2018 by Teresa Mastrangelo

The New Normal: Access Network Transformation

Teresa Mastrangelo discusses the current market dynamics around access network transformation, driven by Software Defined Networking (SDN).... READ MORE 

March 19, 2018 by Teresa Mastrangelo

No Snake Oil Here – Software Defined Access Is Ready for Primetime

BroadbandTrends principal analyst Teresa Mastrangelo highlights her special report – Software Defined Access: The Key to Future Competitiveness – which shares strategic insights into the transformation of service providers' businesses, networks, and organizations. ... READ MORE 

February 21, 2018 by Teresa Mastrangelo

Help Us, Help You! Take the Latest Broadbandtrends Survey

Broadbandtrends founder and principal analyst Teresa Mastrangelo starts a monthly Calix Blog series and begins with an opportunity for operators to learn more about Gfast.... READ MORE