AXOS – The Only True SDA


Accelerate Time to Revenue

Speed of New Features

Individual software components are containerized which simplifies adds /deletes /changes and eliminates the need to constantly re-test the entire OS, thus maximizing reuse, while leveraging industry standards and open source software.

Speed of New Products

The unique hardware abstraction layer preserves software independence from the underlying hardware and allows rapid development for any new silicon or PHY.

Within AXOS, containerized software components ride on top of a unique hardware abstraction layer that preserves software independence from the underlying hardware. 

Independent, fine-grained software components can be inserted unmodified into any access network location in an efficient, consistent, and cost effective manner – no re-testing, no re-certification.

AXOS software components also support virtualized operation of management and control functions, giving service providers maximum flexibility in network design and deployment models.

The result: accelerated service delivery, minimized software qualification time, and lower operational expense.

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