Calix RF Return ONTs

The First Integrated RFOG/GPON Solution

Calix provides the industry's first integrated GPON and RF Over Glass (RFOG) solution. These RF Return ONTs enable two-way communication between video headends and set-top boxes, two-way enabled consumer devices, etc. Service providers can use this innovative solution to offer advanced interactive services — such as video on demand (VOD), pay-per-view (PPV), and interactive programming guides — over an RF-based video network. The combination of Calix GPON ONTs and RF Return technologies allows subscribers to enjoy a wide range of new attractive services, while service providers gain new revenue opportunities.

Calix RF Return ONTs support industry standards, including DOCSIS Set-Top Gateway (DSG) as well as SCTE 55-1 (used by Motorola) and SCTE 55-2 (used by Scientific-Atlanta, a Cisco company). In addition, the product is designed to conform to the RFOG standard developed by the SCTE.

Calix offers four ONTs with RF Return capabilities:

  • The 725GE is for single family unit residential applications and features an embedded micronode in a GPON ONT with two voice ports, two 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, and 1 GHz RF port.
  • The 763GX is an MDU RF Return ONT, available in both rack-mounted and wall-mounted versions. The 763GX supports eight living units with eight ports of voice, eight 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, and eight ports of 1 GHz RF video, all with RF Return.
  • The 767GX-R is designed for residential/commercial mixed use environments. It is only available in a rack-mounted configuration and offers eight voice ports, four 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, eight ports of 1 GHz RF with RF Return, and eight T1 ports.

Prospective Customers

Calix RF Return ONTs are ideally suited for cable operators and independent telephone companies that own cable franchises and are interested in expanding or overbuilding these systems with fiber access.

New Advanced Services

Calix RF Return ONTs enable the bi-directional communication required for such advanced services as:

  • Interactive program guide.
  • Impulse Pay-Per-View (IPPV).
  • Video on demand (VOD) and VOD with interactive digital video recorder (DVR) functionality (pause, forward, reverse).
  • Digital ad insertion or VOD ad insertion.

The Unique Calix Approach to RF Return

The Calix approach is unique in several ways:

  • Power management is incorporated during power outages.
  • The integrated micronode is a managed device and alarm and performance management information can be collected on the upstream RF and optical signals.
  • The ONT can operate as an RF micronode only (without GPON) for service providers that want to leverage some existing cable infrastructure before upgrading to GPON.

Calix RF Return ONTs feature integrated RF Return supporting the 5 to 42 MHz return path frequency band. Because the ONT does not sample or process the return path signals, the solution is transparent to the signals or protocols being sent. Per the SCTE RFOG specification, these ONTs utilize the 1610 nm wavelength for RF reverse path. This signal then terminates on standard cable return path receivers already deployed for the HFC network.

Calix Technology Advantages

Compared with other RF Return solutions, Calix technology provides these advantages:

  • Physical layer transport only, no processing of return path signals. Conforms to the SCTE RFOG standard.
  • Broadband transport of entire return path spectrum — no setup or provisioning of RF Return path channels is required at the ONT.
  • Supports SCTE 55-1, SCTE 55-2, and DOCSIS with no timing changes to conditional access system or CMTS.
  • Supports legacy set-top boxes with out-of-band messaging, and next generation set-top boxes supporting DOCSIS Set-top Gateway.
  • Supports OCAP enabled set-top boxes and consumer electronics, which enables high speed user interaction, gaming, and future applications.
  • High reliability.
  • No additional fiber required on PON.
  • A completely integrated system — no additional hardware or cabling is needed at subscriber location.
  • GPON and RF Return fully managed by the OLT and ONT.
  • Does not consume upstream bandwidth or impact resources dedicated to voice and data services.
  • Low cost hybrid fiber-coaxial RF transport equipment; standard optical and RF combining of return path signals.
  • Supports ITU-compliant GPON wavelengths and compatible with next generation 10GE standards
  • Ability to operate with or without GPON being activated.
  • Non-proprietary solution.
Calix 725GE ONT
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