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E9-2 Intelligent Edge System built on AXOS – The Only True SDA

The NG-PON2 wave surges forward

Breakthrough in NG-PON2 interoperability provides increased flexibility, resiliency, and faster service delivery.

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E9-2 Intelligent Edge System

The revolutionary E9-2 Intelligent Edge System leverages the unconstrained architecture that has been perfected in data centers all over the world enabling unprecedented scale and flexibility. The E9-2 Intelligent Edge System is built on the mature, award winning AXOS Software Defined Access (SDA) architecture.  AXOS enables service providers to increase the velocity at which new services are delivered as well as ensures in this fast paced world the network is always on.

The E9-2 Intelligent Edge System was built on the mature, award winning AXOS platform that enables service providers to increase the velocity at which new services are delivered and ensures in this fast paced world the network is always on.

The E9-2 Intelligent Edge System combines unparalled scale, ultimate in network convergence and dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) into a single revolutionary system.

E9-2 Video Library

Verizon, Calix, and industry experts talk about E9-2, NG-PON2, and network architectures.

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from January 27 2017

If you could converge multiple services networks, deliver new services fast in scale from small to large densities and very high bandwidths, while significantly reducing the costs to operate the network, you'll win!

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Dramatically Reduced TCO in data center/central office/headends

Consolidation of functions

  • Reduced needs for separate aggregation switches
  • Subscriber management centralizes policy management

Faster deployment and lower cost

  • Fewer systemsm to purchase
  • Fewer systems to provision and manage
  • Less rack space, HVAC, and power required

Next Generation Central Office

Data centers have grown and perfected distributed architecture over many years.  This architecture ensures that capacity and bandwidth can easily be scaled to the needs of the datacenter at any given time.  The E9 architecture brings the best of the data center thinking to the central office from the elastic nature of adding servers to the technologies utilized to transported traffic between servers, routers and switches within the data center.

Software Defined Access

The modularity of the system extends beyond the physical.  Powered by AXOS, the E9-2 Intelligent Edge System delivers on the promise of Software Defined Access. The fast, always-on, and simple network provides a stateful system that allows incremental enhancements or feature addition. AXOS componentized nature ensures the E9-2 is ideally suited for virtualized functions in a complex network environment. The E9-2 with AXOS can accelerate network transformation by seamlessly coexisting with virtualized architectures, ultimately driving the operational complexity and costs out of networks.

Fast. Always On. Simple.

The E9-2 supports multiple provisioning and back office integration options including Netconf, Openflow, and Calix Activate.

Learn More about AXOS Learn More about Activate

System Aggregation and Control Cards Uplink Ports/Aggregation Ports Interconnect Interfaces
CLX3001 2 QSFP-28 (40G/100G), 8 SFP+ (1G, 10G), 2 SFP (1G) 4 Interconnect Interfaces 400G -> 4*100G

Line Card Subscriber Ports Uplink Ports
NG1601 16 NG-PON2/XGS-PON ports 4 QSFP-28 (40G / 100G)

Datasheets (My Calix Login Required)

E9-2 CLX3001 NG1601

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