Calix E-Series

AXOS Intelligent Access from the central office to the building
and everywhere in between

Calix E-Series

Gain all the benefits of AXOS  in the access network from the central office to remote cabinets and nodal locations as well as multi-dwelling units (MDUs) and businesses with the AXOS E-Series Systems portfolio.  The AXOS E-Series portfolio enables service providers to integrate once into their backoffice with consistent northbound interfaces across the entire portfolio, then easily turn-up new services and systems in the future without the lengthy backoffice integration each time. 

AXOS E-Series portfolio systems deliver services over anyPHYTM, anyPONTM and integrate directly with anySDNTM .



AXOS will forever change the way you operate
your access network

Brilliantly simple yet exceedingly intelligent:

The AXOS network operating system and software platform is built for the specific needs of the access network, accelerating time-to revenue, eliminating service disruptions, and reducing operational complexity.

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Containerized software components simplify and reduce upgrades to non-events

Stateful, self-healing operation for best subscriber experience and high satisfaction

Simple and straightforward to virtualize processes and services

AXOS E-Series Systems Portfolio

E9-2 Intelligent Edge System Enables the convergence of services networks and collapse of subscriber management, aggregation and OLT.
E7-2 Intelligent Modular System Brings the power of AXOS anyPHY(TM)--copper, PON, Active Ethernet--to the challenging locations of the access network (remote cabinets and lower density CO’s).
E3-2 Intelligent PON Node Deliver the benefits of AXOS in a distributed fiber architecture reducing the need to add fiber and reduces the facilities required in remote locations.
E3-16F Gfast Remote Node/E5-16F Gfast Node Deliver the full symmetrical gigabit subscriber experience over copper to the MDU or single family living.
E5 Ethernet Service Access Nodes Carrier Ethernet business and mobile backhaul services with operational efficiency and service assurance.

AXOS E-Series Systems Management

AXOS E-Series systems all have a native NETCONF/Yang modeled northbound interface enabling them to be directly integrated into anySDNTM without requiring any middleware for integration into service provider SDN controllers and orchestration.  Service providers that would like to utilize a REST/JSON interface to interface with their existing OSS can utilize Calix AXOS SMx connector to provide that northbound interface.  Ready to begin integration into your backoffice system? Download AXOS Sandbox today, and start moving network forward without waiting for AXOS Systems hardware to arrive.  Learn more about AXOS Sandbox