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Let's Go!

Verizon moves to full deployment
with Calix AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System
and NG-PON2


Keeping up with subscriber demands, while reducing the overall cost to operate the network is top of mind for service providers.  AXOS and NG-PON2 enable you to converge multiple networks into one while delivering an Always ON excellent subscriber experience.


Download the Calix Perspective on NG-PON2:

Webinar: Delivering on the promise of software defined, converged networks

Learn how your business would benefit if you could converge your multiple services networks and reduce the number of network elements you have to provision and coordinate.
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Lee Hicks – Verizon VP of Technology Planning discusses their vision of one network and how they will leverage NG-PON2 as well as consolidate  network elements to build the network of tomorrow.   

Calix Technical Perspective

Wondering what it means to have an intelligent access network?  Download this brief to learn how an intelligent access network can benefit you!


Calix AXOS NG-PON2 solutions in action

Still wondering why you need NG-PON2?

Verizon plans 80% TCO reduction using NG-PON2

World’s first NG-PON2 subscriber on live network


Ready to take advantage of all the great capabilities in NG-PON2?

Learn what it takes to deploy NG-PON2.

NG-PON2 in the News

Want to Learn More?

Light Reading Webinar Replay

Calix and Light Reading discuss “How the cord-cutting explosion is impacting network architectures ”

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Why do I need NG-PON2 when my GPON still has plenty of bandwidth left?

NG-PON2 is more than just another PON technology. It enables:
  • Separation of services over wavelengths while still maintaining a single optical distribution network (ODN)
  • Seamless movement of services or reduction in split ratios without service interruption
  • Future proofing the network with the ability to bond channels to gain more bandwidth as needed

Seamlessly upgrade OLTs and reduce split ratios without service interruption, using NG-PON2’s Wavelength mobility.

Learn how NG-PON2 channel bonding and AXOS can future-proof your network.

Frequently Asked Questions about Calix AXOS NG-PON2 Solutions

What is NG-PON2?

  • NG-PON2 (Next Generation Passive Optical Network 2, or ITU-T G.989) is the first multi-wavelength access standard
  • NG-PON2 supports from 4 to 8 wavelengths of 10 Gbps each over a single fiber
  • Premises tunable lasers and receivers enable multi-gigabit broadband services

What is XGS-PON?

  • XGS-PON is a 10G symmetric standard (ITU G.9807.1) deployed similar to GPON

What ONT’s are available for NG-PON2 and XGS-PON?

Which Calix AXOS systems support XGS-PON and NG-PON2?

What Applications are Driving Next Gen PON?

MDU Residential Services

  • New technologies like G.fast deployed in multi-tenant buildings require higher fiber-to-the-building speeds than today's 2.5 GPON or point-to-point gigabit Ethernet

Business and Mobile Services

  • Businesses need multi-gigabit speeds, symmetrical services, and committed service rates
  • Business and business service types can be isolated on dedicated wavelengths for security and QOS

SFU Residential Services

  • Subscribers are streaming more content in 4K and adding more devices rapidly adding more devices causing an increasing need for bandwidth    
  • Open Access networks are driving the need for multiple service providers on a common infrastructure


How Does Next Gen PON Benefit Service Providers?

New Markets and Applications

Expands addressable market to larger businesses and MDUs over a common, already deployed infrastructure

Capture Customer Share

Grow market share against advanced service offerings from competitors

Keep Up with Consumer Bandwidth Demands

Service provider can keep up with projected consumer bandwidth growth over the next decade

A Superior Subscriber Experience

Offering the best end user experience is critical to sustainable service provider differentiation