Carrier Ethernet Delivered

Calix and MEF Carrier Ethernet 2.0

Calix is committed to helping service providers deliver MEF CE 2.0 certified services.  To enable this objective, the following Calix products are MEF CE 2.0 Certified:

  • E5-306 Ethernet Service Access Node
  • E5-308 Ethernet Service Access Node
  • E5-520 Ethernet Service Access Node

We’re here to give a helping hand, too.  We have 32 (and counting) Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals to a help you design, sell, deploy and support Carrier Ethernet services. 


MEF, as the defining body for Carrier Ethernet, is a global industry alliance accelerate the worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services. 


The MEF was formed in 2001 to help the industry develop metro Ethernet business services for enterprises to connect their LANs.  Since then, the success of Ethernet services has grown to include services traversing national and global networks.  Access networks have evolved from principally optical metropolitan networks to include a much wider collection of fiber, copper, cable, PON, and wireless technologies.  

Carrier Ethernet is Delivered Over Variety of Access Media

For service providers, the evolution of metro Ethernet to Carrier Ethernet has manifested itself in a set of certified network elements that connect Ethernet services for all users, locally and globally. For business subscribers, Carrier Ethernet means a ubiquitous, standardized, carrier-class service and network defined by five attributes:

  • Standard services
  • Scalability
  • Reliability
  • Quality of service
  • Service management

Carrier Ethernet Delivered

E5-500 and E5-300 Ethernet Service Access Nodes

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CE 2.0 Enabled Services and Applications

Calix E5 Ethernet Service Access Nodes deliver CE 2.0 compliant services of direct fiber, G.8032 Ethernet rings, and GPON networks. 

32 and Counting!

Calix is committed to helping service providers meet their goals for delivering MEF CE 2.0 certified services.

Calix invests in our employees so they can make our customers successful.  We’re proud to be a leader in the certification of MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professionals.

The MEF-CECP Program

The MEF’s certification programs go beyond equipment and networks. The MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional program showcases expertise and excellence.

“The MEF-CECP Program was created to recognize leadership qualities in the many people within those companies who design, sell, deploy and support Carrier Ethernet services and products their companies provide. 

MEF-CECP is the industry’s first vendor-neutral certification program and demonstrates that the professionals who have passed this rigorous certification have acquired the key competency and skills to design, market, deploy and support Carrier Ethernet equipment, networks, and services that represent the next generation of telecommunications technology. 

The MEF-CECP certification has become a vital component of an organization’s competitive profile and showcases a company’s commitment to providing the most qualified professionals in the Carrier Ethernet industry to back their products and services.“

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