WISPER Internet positions themselves for
hyper growth with Calix Revenue EDGE solution

Partnering with Calix, WISPER is attacking the digital divide
and bringing a world-class customer experience to rural residents

WISPER Internet positions themselves for
hyper growth with Calix Revenue EDGE solution

Partnering with Calix, WISPER is attacking the digital divide
and bringing a world-class customer experience to rural residents

WISPs see opportunity from rooftops to mountain tops

Nothing stands in the way of determined, progressive WISPs that strive to deliver broadband to stranded subscribers. Not even stubborn geography. Whether you're building a fiber network or enhancing your existing fixed wireless subscribers' experience, Calix helps you keep your subscribers and their devices connected.

Visionary WISP Royell Communications future-proofs their network, leveraging EDGE Insights to redefine the subscriber experience

New subscriber insights gained by partnering with Calix.

“We are seeing an ever growing number of rural fiber deployments stemming from the increased availability of government funding, so if we don’t build fiber to serve our subscribers, someone else will...We evaluated a significant number of solution providers, but based on our research and observations of other successful Calix customers, the decision was clear. Calix solutions are unmatched in capability, quality, and stability, enabling us to address our subscribers’ needs today and quickly scale to meet their demands in the future.”

--Joe Royer, president for Royell Communications

“The GigaCenters blew away all other dual-band Wi-Fi routers,
which helps our business subscribers succeed and supports our
residential subscribers who are streaming media and gaming more than ever before.”

- Darin Steffl Minnesota Wi-Fi    


Fixed wireless access or fiber access?
Calix delivers the same in-home subscriber experience.


Fixed Wireless Access

Fiber Access

Whether you're planning to build a fiber network or want to provide complete Wi-Fi coverage for fixed wireless subscribers, Calix Support Cloud and Mesh Enhanced Carrier-Class Wi-Fi delights subscribers no matter where they live.


Progressive WISPs Choose Calix Managed Wi-Fi Solutions


ZIRKEL Wireless

Learn how subscribers in and around Steamboat Springs, Colorado receive a Calix GigaCenter for their high-speed Internet connection, then ZIRKEL Wireless “never hears from them again.”


SandyNet transforms from WISP to fiber based Service Provider

To deliver the ultimate in subscriber experience, SandyNet embraces Calix GigaCenters to complete their transformation.

What's more important to WISP success? Rapid revenue generation or low operational costs?


Mesh Enhanced Carrier Class Wi-Fi with Calix Support Cloud gives you both

Driving new revenues is a great start but the key to optimizing your business is reduced operational costs.  Our customers report fewer truck rolls, reduced support call times, increased revenue and strong competitive advantages.

The Revenue EDGE

Who really owns your subscriber experience?​

Why do you need the Revenue EDGE? It’s an end-to-end solution, designed specifically for service providers, to ensure you continue to delight your subscribers and own their experience with your services.​


We've developed a marketing kit to help you
accelerate your go-to-market strategy

We're here to help with your go-to-market strategy.

Marketing Materials

We’re working with dozens of service providers to help them build their go-to-market strategies. Download materials that you can use in your marketing campaigns in many formats and themes. Or schedule a free consultation with the Calix Marketing team.
Download Sample Marketing Materials Schedule Free Consultation

Educational Materials

We’ve created a series of short documents that use very simple language to describe and define some of the technical terms that we use when talking about Wi-Fi. Please feel free to post these directly to your web site or repurpose in any way that you like.
Download Educational Materials

Exploring a transformation from WISP to fiber based service provider? Developing a Managed Wi-Fi service?

Accelerate delivery and management of new and innovative services to your community

Calix and our partners offer a portfolio of services that will help speed your time to market and return on investment as you plan and deploy new services for your community.
Let Us Help You Get Started

Calix platforms and services are the foundation for our solutions. Explore in more detail below

In the Data Center The AXOS enabled E9-2 Intelligent Edge System collapses subscriber management, aggregation and OLT functionality.
In the Cabinet The AXOS enabled E7-2 Intelligent Modular System brings GPON, Active Ethernet, XGS-PON and NG-PON2 together in a modular chassis.
In the Premises Invigorate your community and deliver a sensational subscriber experience with Calix EXOS Premises systems.
In Your Business Operations Why guess when data analytics can turn everyday employees into superstars? Calix Cloud provides actionable insights for marketing and support professionals.