Rural electric cooperatives are bridging the digital divide

Learn how Fiber to the Home can benefit your community

Rural electric cooperatives are bridging the digital divide

Learn how Fiber to the Home can benefit your community

Your community needs you

Broadband services are as essential to your community today as power was 100 years ago. With access to critical broadband services, you can preserve the lifestyle your members cherish, and ensure the socio-economic future of your community.​


Attract new companies

Broadband is a key decision factor for startups and companies that are relocating.

Enable telecommuting

The number of work-at-home employees has grown 103% since 2005.​

Increase home values

Access to fiber adds 3.1% to the value of a home.


How do you get started with broadband?

Learn the facts about Fiber to the Home

Learn the fundamentals of a successful broadband deployment

You know your members need reliable broadband. Incumbent providers may not be able to make the investment in your community. You’re their only hope. Start by addressing your top concerns with our whitepaper “Just the Facts: Getting Started with Broadband” covering network infrastructure, cost, and why Fiber to the Home is the best long-term technology investment.


Future proof your network build with fiber

The investments you make in your network infrastructure now can stand the test of time with fiber, while allowing you to build at the lowest cost per bit per mile. 

Educate your community on the benefits of broadband

We'll help you get started

Need help getting your community on board? Browse our Community Kit with valuable resources to educate your community on the advantages of fiber and keep them updated on new developments in the process.​

84% of electric cooperatives deploying broadband services partner with Calix

Click the interactive map below to learn more about how your peers are deploying broadband services.

Electric Cooperatives

Cassapolis, Michigan

Midwest Energy & Communications – 2016 Calix Innovation Award

Leading the broadband charge among electric cooperatives, Midwest Energy & Communications is leveraging the power of Calix Cloud services and GigaCenters to rapidly grow their service offering and become the “Utility of the Future” in southwest Michigan.

Electric Cooperatives

Lutsen, Minnesota

CTC and Arrowhead Electric Partnership

Located in rural Minnesota, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative and CTC have formed a unique partnership to deliver broadband services to underserved Cook County in Minnesota's Arrowhead region.

Electric Cooperatives

Reedsburg, Wisconsin

Reedsburg Utility Commission Success Story

In rural Wisconsin, Reedsburg Utility Commission is delivering the state’s first gigabit speeds, capturing the attention of business and residential subscribers alike.

Electric Cooperatives

Montrose, Colorado

A business ready for the future

Hear how Elevate Fiber, powered by Delta-Montrose Electric Association (DMEA), a member-owned and locally controlled rural electric cooperative in southwest Colorado, is building a 100 percent fiber network from the ground up across DMEA’s service territory.

Electric Cooperatives

Maryville., Missouri

United Electric Cooperative finds creative ways to fund their network

With the largest service area and the lowest subscriber density among electric cooperatives in Missouri, United Electric Cooperative used its Broadband Stimulus award to deploy a fiber network. The cooperative now brings advanced broadband services to its previously underserved membership.

Electric Cooperatives

Tipton, Missouri

Co-Mo Electric Cooperative: an example of a successful self-funded network

After launching a FTTH pilot project, Co-Mo Connect demonstrated that they are a true pioneer when it comes to electric cooperatives deploying fiber to the home. Today, their fiber network reaches 100% of their members with gigabit services and Calix GigaCenters--a model many successful electric cooperatives are following.

Electric Cooperatives

Fayetteville, Arkansas

OzarksGo sets the bar for rural fiber broadband

OzarksGo has built a fiber network to provide broadband to members and to create robust communication for their electric grid.

They have set the bar for rural fiber broadband service delivery, preparing to offer speeds of up to 40Gbps

Electric Cooperatives

Bandera, Texas

BEC builds next-generation network

Innovative electric cooperative Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC) is building a next generation fiber network for Smart Grid and broadband services with Calix Cloud and Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Solutions.

On a single Calix-powered fiber network, Bandera supports distributed energy, smart grid automation, meter reading, and gigabit broadband services for residents and businesses.

Electric Cooperatives

Trenton, Tennessee

Gibson Connect: empowering rural Tennessee and Kentucky for the future with fiber

With the AXOS platform serving as the foundation of its fiber network expansion, Gibson Connect is delivering broadband services to underserved areas of Tennessee and Kentucky while bringing new efficiencies to its electric network.

Electric Cooperatives

Millboro, VA

BARC delivers an unmatched subscriber experience

Connecting 13,000 members across five Virginia counties with fiber, BARC is dedicated to delivering an unmatched subscriber experience through managed, whole home Wi-Fi services.


Ready to get started?

We can help you by finding the funding to build your network


Explore valuable funding resources

One of the most critical steps in deploying a fiber network is securing the funding. There are a number of different options available for Electric Co-operatives.


Customer Success Stories

Success stories from electric cooperatives like yours

See how four electric cooperatives each tackles the financial aspects of building out their fiber networks.


Co-Mo Electric

The first self-funded cooperative

After launching a Fiber to the Home pilot project in rural Missouri, Co-Mo Connect has expanded its fiber network to reach all of its electric members with gigabit services and Calix GigaCenters. See how the first self-funded electric cooperative is doing now.

Leverage the expertise of our extended team of partners

Our network of partners can help meet your funding needs.


Not sure which network model is right for your community?

Navigating the options is easier than you think

See how other electric cooperatives are navigating the decision to build their networks    


SEMO Electric Cooperative


With its first foray into broadband service, GoSEMO, a subsidiary of SEMO Electric Cooperative, is seeing success as its Calix-based GPON network continues to expand in Missouri.


Bandera Electric Cooperative

BEC Fiber

Innovative electric cooperative Bandera Electric Cooperative (BEC) is building a next-generation fiber network for Smart Grid and broadband services with Calix Cloud and Carrier-Class Wi-Fi Solutions. Watch how Bandera Electric Cooperative built their fiber network.


Arrowhead Electric Partnership​

CTC and Arrowhead Electric

Located in rural Minnesota, Arrowhead Electric Cooperative and CTC have formed a unique partnership to deliver broadband services to underserved Cook County in Minnesota's Arrowhead region. Learn how Arrowhead Electric partnered with CTC to deliver broadband services to their members.


Great Lakes Energy

GLE with Truestream

In northern and western Michigan, electric cooperative Great Lakes Energy (GLE) has created a successful FTTH pilot project built on Calix Services and solutions as it prepares for a membership-wide expansion of its broadband service under its Truestream subsidiary. 


Connecting everyone and everything

Our mission is to help you close the digital divide

Click on the diagram to learn more about each element of the Calix solution.

By deploying the right combination of Calix Cloud, EXOS and AXOS platforms, electric cooperatives are delivering next generation services to their communities and creating the exceptional in-home experiences that their members desire.

Our Calix Services team has the expertise to help you determine the ideal solution for you and your subscribers and how to manage it all so that you can delight your members.


Learn from our customers

Expansion in sight as critical broadband is delivered across rural Arkansas

Electric cooperative, South Central Connect, is laying the foundation to embrace everyPON as it prepares to spark economic recovery by expanding into surrounding underserved communities.

Pennsylvania’s first to deliver high speed broadband goes all in on fiber with Calix

Tri-Co Connections, the newly formed broadband arm of the Tri-County Rural Electric Cooperative, is deploying a complete set of Calix solutions to build its first fiber network. Tri-Co is the state’s first electric cooperative to build out a state-of-the-art fiber to the home (FTTH) broadband network.

Fiber innovator deploying AXOS to power next generation network

Tennessee-based electric cooperative Forked Deer selects AXOS platform and the E7-2 to radically accelerate its FTTH broadband deployment capabilities while automating and simplifying its network operations.


Partner with Calix Professional Services to do it better, faster, and more cost effectively

Accelerate delivery and management of new and innovative services to your community

Calix and our partners offer a portfolio of services that will help speed your time to market and return on investment.

Accelerating new broadband service with Calix Professional Services

East Central Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (ECOEC) is deploying AXOS GPON to accelerate a next generation broadband network with the help of Calix Professional Services and business partner Conexon.

Calix platforms and services are the foundation for our solutions

In the Data Center The AXOS enabled E9-2 Intelligent Edge System collapses subscriber management, aggregation and OLT functionality.
In the Substation The AXOS enabled E7-2 Intelligent Modular System brings GPON, Active Ethernet, XGS-PON and NG-PON2 together in a modular chassis.
In the Premise Bridge the digital divide and deliver a sensational subscriber experience with Calix EXOS Premises systems.
In Your Business Operations Why guess when data analytics can turn everyday employees into superstars? Calix Cloud provides actionable insights for marketing and support professionals.