Are you set up to succeed tomorrow?

Push what’s possible
with PON for cable

See how Cablenet is pursuing new ways
to connect everyone and everything

Are you set up to succeed tomorrow?

Push what’s possible
with PON for cable

See how Cablenet is pursuing new ways
to connect everyone and everything

Change how you think

Cable network evolution should not rely on a
binary technology decision

It’s no longer about how you can leverage coax, it’s now about how quickly you can pivot to fiber to the home. 

By deploying both remote PHY along with a PON overlay, cable operators are saving millions. 


What used to be the exception is now the path forward

Depart from industry norms with a hybrid approach

It’s no longer simply about deploying the next iteration of DOCSIS®, it’s about embracing your existing infrastructure while clearing a path to an all fiber network.


Leveraging PON for greenfield deployments only? Think again.

A study conducted in 2018 by Calix and CCI Systems concludes that cable operators should deploy PON in low and medium density serving areas in lieu of a fiber deep architecture. ​


10% of your customers may be using over 90% of your capacity

The 10/90 rule: if "The Elite Ten" percent of your customers use the lion's share of the network's capacity, why continue to treat them like everyone else?  

Is a “hybrid” solution right​ for you?

Independent research shows that cable operators can dramatically reduce CAPEX spend if they change the way they think about the evolution of their network.  


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A better way forward

Evolving the cable network with PON

Fiber Deep, Remote PHY, and Full Duplex can get operators to near “fiber like” speeds. But at what cost? Cable operators believe incremental network upgrades are better than writing one big check for a complete FTTH overhaul. 

Surprisingly these technologies are often more costly than FTTH in low and medium density serving areas.  There is a better way forward.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well

Your next generation network is not just about the technology – it’s about scale and automation

Are you ready to take your 100 HFC nodes to 1,000? Or your 10,000 nodes to 100,000? One thing is certain: the explosion of devices in the outside plant requires a level of control and automation unimagined only a few years ago. While the industry has been laser focused on Remote PHY deployments – little attention has been given to how to scale PON.

Imagine going from this…

Moving from a Node + 6 network to a Node + 0 Remote PHY architecture can take you from this… 

to this…

Deploying a fiber deep network can increase your nodes by a factor of 10.

But what about PON?

With a network automation platform from Calix with DPx, the industry’s first virtualized DOCSIS connector, you can dramatically simplify and automate PON deployments.

Learn more about DPx and DOCSIS provisioning of GPON, EPON or next generation PON.


Consider the old way exactly that: old. But a new way requires vision and expertise

Innovative cable operators are already deploying PON in their brownfield networks

Calix and our team of partners have helped over 1400 customers find a better way forward.

Growing everyPON strategy establishes market leadership

With more than 75 customers on Calix 10G PON solutions, market adoption is ramping quickly for simplified next generation networks.

SkyCable deploys Calix’s E3-2

Learn how the Philippines Sky Cable is leveraging a node based OLT to service high end residential subscribers.

ImOn attacks new markets with Calix PON

Learn how ImOn communications leverages both PON and their HFC network to provide different tiers of service.

CableNet goes after competition with Calix PON

CableNet deploys AXOS-based PON as it pivots away from a traditional hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network.    


How did they do it?

It's all about the software

Calix has developed PON solutions designed for cable. Systems which have been created for the sole purpose of implementing a Distributed Access Architecture. But the real Calix difference lies with what’s under the hood – the operating systems and its capabilities. With a container based architecture, Calix AXOS systems position you for the future, today. 

The world of virtualization is upon us. But few understand, what, when, and how. But with Calix AXOS based systems, you need not be worried with the how – we've got this. 

Ready to get started?


Are you on the right evolutionary path?

Calix platforms and systems enable cable operators to pivot to PON

In the DataCenter The AXOS enable E9-2 Intelligent Edge System is the CCAP of PON networks. Capable of managing aggregating 100’s of subtended OLTs in just a 2 RU package, the E9-2 has the horsepower to handle the routing, security, and subscriber management functions, simply and cost effectively.
Node based OLT’s that are designed for cable Built from the ground up for Cable, the E3-2 is ideally suited for Distributed Access Architectures
In the Premise Forget RDK-B. Calix premise solutions are designed for a sensational subscriber experience that allows you to define your solution, not a select few.
In your business operations Use the power of analytics to make everyone in your organization a superstar. Seize control of your future.