Transport and Aggregation

Multiservice and Ethernet Services

The Calix Unified Access portfolio is designed to simplify the transport and aggregation of business and residential services, enabling traditional multiprotocol (TDM/SONET/ATM) and advanced Ethernet networks to coexist, while providing a clean migration path to pure Ethernet service delivery. The EXA Powered C7 is unique in its ability to aggregate and transport different protocol types on a common network or act as a protocol gateway, delivering an evolutionary approach to network and service migration. This critical capability allows service providers to move from circuits to packets, narrowband to broadband, or copper to fiber at a pace that meets their operational requirements.

Pure Ethernet Services

The B6 ESAN, EXA Powered E7-2 modular chassis, and E7-20 multi-terabit chassis are designed to deliver pure Ethernet transport and aggregation, providing a revolutionary approach to high bandwidth, fiber focused service delivery. The B6 and E7, coupled with the entire line of E3 and E5 ESANs, provide market-leading versatility to simplify service deployment and streamline network expansion. This is one more example of how Calix Unified Access solutions accelerate time-to-market, which, in turn, accelerates your time-to-revenue.

EXA Powered Unified Access Network
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