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Aug 15, 2023
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Calix Marketing Cloud Workflows Make It Easy To Customize Offers and Achieve Higher Take Rates While Reducing Churn

Leveraging new streamlined workflows and existing automation in Calix Marketing Cloud, Highline created customized offers for unique subscriber segments, tripling their target take rate in just four months

SAN JOSE, CA—August 15, 2023—Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) today introduced new enhancements for its award-winning Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud) that make it incredibly easy to tailor campaigns to subscribers and offer them customized experiences that address their unique needs. With a new and seamless workflow that showcases deep subscriber insights available in Marketing Cloud, broadband service provider (BSP) marketers can proactively identify subscribers that may be at risk for churn. At the same time—and with just a few clicks—marketers can easily create customized offerings to engage those subscribers.


By using Marketing Cloud to better understand subscriber needs and create customized offerings, BSP marketers are increasingly playing a critical role in generating loyalty to grow value for their business. Studies show that increasing customer retention by just 5 percent can help brands increase profits by up to 95 percent.


Marketing Cloud on the Calix broadband platform enables BSPs to understand, communicate, and create better experiences for their subscribers with:


  • Customized offerings to generate sales and subscriber satisfaction. Marketers can use Marketing Cloud to easily create customized offerings for predefined subscriber segments. For example, using insights about their subscribers, Highline created a unique set of offerings for three subscriber profiles: Streaming, Gaming, and the Working Warrior. In just four months, they achieved a take rate three times higher than their original target for these customized offerings. At the same time, sales and subscriber satisfaction grew to an all-time high. In May, subscribers gave Highline a customer satisfaction (CSAT) rating of 95 percent—up two points from last year. Highline is on track to exceed their new subscriber acquisition goal for 2023.
  • Streamlined workflows to reduce churn. Marketers can now more easily take advantage of the incredibly sophisticated automation that has long existed in Marketing Cloud. With a new, immediate view of at-risk subscriber profiles in the Marketing Cloud campaign dashboard, marketers can seamlessly create campaign audiences from segmented subscriber groups (for example, those that have hit service limits). In minutes, marketers can launch mobile and email campaigns with tailored messaging to proactively address subscriber issues and reduce churn. The newly streamlined workflows in Marketing Cloud also enable marketers to engage more easily with their high-value subscribers such as streamers or work-from-homers.


Additionally, Calix has introduced new focus groups to the Subscriber Loyalty Analysis Engagement for Calix Business Insights Services (Business Insights). With these focus groups, BSPs can now get direct qualitative and quantitative insights about subscribers. The Business Insights team then works with BSPs to develop actionable plans and strategies to drive loyalty. Tombigbee Fiber learned from a focus group that members and subscribers wanted to protect children from social media harm. Accordingly, they launched Bark social media monitoring—a fully integrated managed service on the Calix platform—to help keep kids in their community safer.


“We put our subscribers first in everything that we do. Ensuring their satisfaction is the top priority at Highline,” said the company’s chief marketing officer, Lynn Hall. “We strive to create experiences that people rave about, and that goes beyond giving them the fastest speeds. We are addressing our subscribers’ specific lifestyles and needs—whether they’re movie buffs, avid gamers, or remote workers, we’ve got them covered. The ever-increasing capabilities delivered in Marketing Cloud and the Calix broadband platform help us ensure we’re exceeding our subscribers’ expectations and staying ahead of the competition.”


“In increasingly competitive markets, broadband marketers with a deep understanding of their subscribers have a critical edge,” said Matt Collins, chief commercial operations officer at Calix. "We’re excited to see Calix customers leverage Marketing Cloud to understand their subscribers so they can delight them, nurture lasting relationships, and build an incredible brand around the experiences they create—not the speeds they deliver. With these new workflows for Marketing Cloud, marketers can now seamlessly identify opportunities to create customized offerings that yield higher take rates while lowering churn. As a result, customers like Highline are achieving exceptional CSAT scores and securing unbeatable brand loyalty. We’re proud to be the innovation partner for broadband marketers and help them grow unprecedented value for their businesses and communities.”


Learn how Marketing Cloud and the Calix platform enable broadband marketers to boost subscriber satisfaction.

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