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Mar 24, 2022
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Calix Support Cloud Named 2022 Customer Experience Product of the Year

SAN JOSE, CA -- March 24, 2022 -- Calix, Inc. (NYXE: CALX) announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company and publisher of CUSTOMER magazine, has named Calix Support Cloud (Support Cloud) a 2022 Product of the Year Award winner. As one of the lead products in a portfolio developed over 11 years, with more than $1 billion invested, to produce the broadband industry’s most innovative end-to-end platforms, Support Cloud is purpose-built for customer support teams. Support Cloud combines predictive analytics and real-time insights to give broadband service providers (BSPs) unique visibility into the subscriber experience to diagnose, resolve, and troubleshoot subscriber issues remotely—often before subscribers know there is a problem. This proactive approach to customer support lowers costs and increases subscriber satisfaction by decreasing repeat trouble tickets, increasing first call resolutions, and driving Net Promoter Scores (NPS) far above the industry average. 

Wi-Fi issues account for more than half of all BSP helpdesk calls. If a resolution is not provided over the phone, costly truck rolls are required. Calix developed Support Cloud so that even the smallest BSP call center has complete visibility of the home network, resulting in fewer truck rolls and lower costs, leading to happier subscribers:

  • Reduce OPEX and decrease repeat trouble tickets by half. By analyzing key data sources, family-owned and operated Dobson Fiber transformed its trouble ticket data into actionable insights to slash truck rolls by 50 percent. This significantly reduced OPEX and the decreased repeat trouble tickets allowed the Oklahoma-based BSP to focus on building lasting subscriber relationships.
  • Increase first call resolutions by diagnosing subscriber issues more efficiently. Wyoming-based Silver Star Communications leveraged real-time intelligence in Support Cloud last year to diagnose and resolve issues quickly and efficiently and become more proactive. By using data-driven insights, they have increased their first call resolution rate to 83 percent, while reducing truck rolls by 41 percent.
  • Increase NPS with higher ticket close rates and shorter subscriber call times. As it rapidly expands to connect communities across Nebraska, Colorado, and Arizona with fiber, ALLO Communications has effectively harnessed data in Support Cloud to increase its ticket close ratio to 60 percent and cut call times by 30 seconds per call, while achieving an NPS of +71 for technical support.
  • Slash average subscriber call lengths by more than half in less than a year. By resolving issues remotely, Ohio-based broadband cooperative, Bascom Communications, used Support Cloud to significantly reduce inbound support calls and decrease the average length of calls by 80 percent. They also dramatically decreased unnecessary truck rolls.

"By integrating Calix Support Cloud into our customer support processes, we quickly saw our ticket close rates increase and our customer call times shorten significantly,” said Brad Moline, president and chief executive officer at ALLO Communications. “As we continue to bring fiber connectivity to communities across Nebraska, Colorado, and Arizona, customer service experts need to solve subscriber issues efficiently and handle customer issues in an educated and hassle-free manner. Partnering with Calix gives us access to the insights needed to anticipate subscriber issues and enhance their Wi-Fi experience.”

Support Cloud is also seamlessly accessed on mobile devices, giving field technicians immediate access to necessary information to improve efficiency during and after installations, leading to more satisfied subscribers. Fueled by a recent integration with the iVUE trouble management solution from National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC), BSPs can resolve subscriber issues faster, dramatically reduce call times, save on OPEX, and boost subscriber satisfaction. Another recent enhancement to Support Cloud is the subscriber quality of experience score, which provides a comprehensive view of the subscriber experience so that customer support teams can more easily identify issues.

“Award-winning innovations like Support Cloud are born from listening to our customers,” said Shane Eleniak, executive vice president of products at Calix. “Support Cloud makes it easy for any BSP to run an efficient, low-cost call center that leverages advanced analytics to proactively anticipate and solve potential subscriber issues. Providing fast, comprehensive technical support reduces support costs and has a powerful, positive impact on the overall subscriber experience, which increases customer satisfaction and NPS metrics.”

The 2022 CUSTOMER Product of the Year Award recognizes vendors that are advancing the call center, customer relationship management (CRM), and teleservices industries one solution at a time. The award highlights products that enable companies to exceed the expectations of their customers.

To learn more on how BPSs are delivering unparalleled subscriber experiences while achieving critical business objectives, check out this white paper, “Optimizing the Support Center.”

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