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Jul 26, 2018
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Calix and GLDS Set a New Benchmark, Reducing the time to Complete a Full Back-Office Integration to Four Weeks with AXOS, the World’s Only Software Defined Access OS

PETALUMA, CA – July 26, 2018 – Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) demonstrated today that AXOS is enabling service providers to dramatically accelerate time to market and deliver new services by streamlining back-office system (BSS/OSS) integration. The complexity of integrating new systems into existing OSS/BSS infrastructure is often cited by service providers as a top inhibitor to rapidly deploying new services. The timeline for these initiatives typically stretches from many months to up to two years. However, leading customer management and billing solutions provider GLDS has demonstrated that AXOS, the world’s only software defined access OS, sets a new standard for deployment speed and simplicity. GLDS completed its first AXOS integration with the Calix AXOS Gfast systems in only four months. Once the first AXOS integration was complete, GLDS was able to complete its next integration with a new system, the Calix AXOS E9-2 Intelligent Edge System, in only four weeks.


“We were not only surprised by the speed of our first integration of AXOS into our billing system, but also thrilled by how much easier it is for us to maintain, adjust over time, and ultimately deliver to our service provider customers,” said Garrick Russell, president of GLDS. “Quite honestly we were surprised when we integrated the E9-2 System in four weeks. As a result, we were able to delight our customer by allowing them to turn up new subscribers at an unprecedented pace. We are excited to start the process with our next AXOS system, the E7-2. We anticipate that the AXOS E7-2 integration process will now be measured in a matter of days versus weeks. Thanks to the proactive engagement between GLDS and Calix, our customers can hit the ground running, with minimal development lead time.”


Calix has pursued a software defined access vision for a decade, and the new benchmark established by GLDS demonstrates how AXOS is redefining the access network. AXOS is unique because it is the only software defined access OS that incorporates:

  • Hardware Independence: All AXOS systems run the same OS regardless of the underlying hardware technology. Because all AXOS systems run the same OS across copper, fiber, coax and wireless networks, service providers can radically accelerate the pace of technology adoption and deployment.
  • Services Abstraction: AXOS is the world’s only fully YANG modeled access OS. With AXOS, a service provider can establish service workflows the first time they deploy and use the same workflow for all new AXOS systems that are added to the network. By establishing common services and setting a single method and operating procedure (MOP) for their entire network, service providers dramatically reduce complexity and operational costs.
  • Modular Architecture: AXOS is the world’s only modular, semantically versioned access OS. Because AXOS modules can be upgraded and restarted independently, the architecture ensures that changes to one function do not impact other system functions.  
  • Stateful Operation: AXOS is the only full stateful access OS. AXOS ensures that the variables required by every module are stored and available upon restart of any individual module. Any changes in module status will be recognized and corrected, enabling a self-healing network that is always on. The same stateful operation eliminates the need for maintenance windows during network upgrades.
  • SDN Interfaces: AXOS is the world’s only natively NETCONF enabled OS. Whether service providers are transitioning their networks to SDN today or working with existing OSS/BSS systems, AXOS provides the northbound and southbound connections needed to eliminate middleware and reduce cost and complexity.

GLDS took advantage of all these AXOS capabilities across both integration efforts. Each of these AXOS attributes played an important role in allowing GLDS to achieve its remarkable four-week milestone. Moving forward GLDS expects that AXOS will help cut its integration timelines even further. AXOS allows Calix OSS/BSS partners and service providers of all sizes to benefit from these capabilities regardless of the underlying physical network technology.


“GLDS has demonstrated that Calix’s commitment to delivering a true software defined access OS is enabling our customers to redefine what is possible in the access network,” said Shane Eleniak, Calix vice president of products. “Service providers who deploy AXOS will benefit from a level of IT integration speed and operational simplicity that has never been realized before. We are so excited by this milestone because it is just the beginning. Calix continues to accelerate our rate of innovation on the AXOS platform and the AXOS architecture ensures that our customers and partners like GLDS can rapidly take advantage of these innovations. All AXOS innovations build on this foundation.”


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