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Are you prepared to automate to make your business thrive?

There is a real opportunity to dramatically
simplify operations by automating workflows
so you can focus on growing revenue

Automating the service lifecycle for improved quality, responsiveness, and accuracy.

Calix AXOS SMx can simplify your operations by eliminating up to 75% of your process steps


  • a decreased time to market for new service introductions
  • a dramatic reduction in service delivery intervals
  • a remarkably simplified operational process

The AXOS SMx Connector is a cloud-ready software application for element and network management that utilizes an Open Daylight (ODL) SDN controller infrastructure to provide a robust development and service normalization environment, extensible to new applications and enabling quick integration into other open platforms. You can use SMx to connect the AXOS platform to existing operational systems or fill in the missing pieces of your SDN orchestration platform.


AXOS continues to increase innovation and speed deployment

AXOS helps GLDS reduce OSS/BSS integration time by 80% and accelerates service provider time to revenue.

“We were not only surprised by the speed of our first integration…we were thrilled by how much easier it is for us to maintain…”

“We were surprised when we integrated the E9-2 System in four weeks…” 

--Garrick Russell, COO and President of GLDS  


A solution to automate and simplify your operational support systems

What’s fueling a service provider’s need for software-driven automation?

  • A simplified and more streamlined lifecycle operations
  • Designed to manage cloud-scale applications
  • Automated service and device activations
  • Ability to bring new services to market quickly and cost effectively
  • Open modern APIs accelerate multi-domain integration across business and operations systems

It’s all about accelerating your service deployments while lowering your operational costs!


AXOS Services Management Connector (SMx)

Speed deployment times, simplify inventory levels, and lower your total costs with the Calix AXOS SMx solution.


Connecting AXOS platform to existing operations and business systems to extend service provider investment in automation

  • Cloud-architected system controller for virtualized AXOS management
  • Zero touch provisioning
  • Simplified service enablement with workflows and templates
  • Built on Open Daylight (ODL)
  • Fully programmable service-oriented REST/JSON APIs
  • Supports all FCAPS functions
  • Graphical user interface
  • Horizontally scalable

Some OSS integration details that will make your life easy…

  • SMx provides service-oriented northbound REST/JSON and WebSocket APIs, making it easy to integrate SMx into both current OSS and future SDN systems.
  • Connectors provide abstraction & translation without loss of object control.
  • NETCONF/YANG southbound interfaces connect to the AXOS platform to programmatically control the entire AXOS E-Series portfolio.
  • AXOS is the only Software Defined Access platform with native NETCONF interfaces and a full YANG data model for every FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security) task and function. As a result, you can access all AXOS FCAPS functions through SMx or directly to the system, whichever matches your needs.

Learn from our customers' success


Evertek Leaps Ahead, Preparing its Network for the Future of Broadband

Iowa-based regional service provider migrates to the Calix AXOS E7-2 GPON system to deliver advanced broadband services while future proofing the network through the power of the worlds only software defined access platform.   


Migrate legacy infrastructure to a Software Defined Access network

With the Calix AXOS E7-2 Intelligent PON System, Services Management Connector (SMx), and GigaCenters, Bloomer will deliver next generation services at a DevOps pace, including gigabit speeds, to all of its residential, business, and anchor institution subscribers in the city of Bloomer, Wisconsin.


Building a software defined network that is an exceptional subscriber experience

Dickey Rural Networks dramatically simplifies their operations and accelerates their path to gigabit services by embracing AXOS.


Why leverage SMx for your existing OSS integration?

  • Rapid integration into back-office systems.
  • Simplified common MOPS across all subscriber services on the network.
  • Get the benefits of SDN today!
  • Scale with common standard-based APIs. 

The Calix AXOS SMx solution – fits into your operational environment today and tomorrow


Object-oriented integration

  • NetConf/YANG northbound interfaces enable hierarchical SDN controllers and orchestration
  • SDN orchestration driven ecosystem evolution
  • Virtual AXOS systems for rapid OSS integration

Service-oriented integration

  • Single pane of glass for all operational functions
  • REST/JSON northbound interfaces widely used in IT and business applications
  • Leverage partners to accelerate integration

AXOS SMx is a connector on the AXOS platform

Deliver AXOS everywhere. Learn how you can transform your business today. 


Learn more about AXOS Software

Simplify and accelerate your business with AXOS software


Get started with AXOS Sandbox

Get a head start on back office integration with AXOS Sandbox


Learn more about AXOS Systems

Deploy AXOS systems from the central office/headend to the remote node


Whatever your transformation objectives, our Professional Services team can help you do it better, faster, and more cost effectively

AXOS SMx Deployment Service

We are ready to assist you with planning, installation, turn-up, and testing of AXOS SMx in your network.

Calix Professional Services

Accelerate network and business transformation. 


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