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Extend your operations investment with AXOS SMx Connector

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AXOS Services Management Connector

AXOS SMx accelerates new service deployment and lowers operations costs while extending your investment in operations and business systems automation.

SMx simplifies AXOS system operations, automates service and device activation, and integrate with API-driven business and operations systems.

How would your operations change if all this were simple? 

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Virtualized AXOS system controller, fully programmable REST and WebSocket APIs, secure, and scalable – all designed to make network operations easy. 

Software-driven automation lowers total cost of operations

Process automation tops carriers' goals

Eliminate the manual operations and errors associated with deployment of network elements using AXOS SMx.

Zero Touch Provisioning and Call Home functions simplify network and service activation. 

Moving forward but need to maintain your operations investment?

We’ve got you covered

The AXOS SMx system control utilizes an OpenDaylight (ODL) SDN platform to provide a robust development and service normalization environment, extensible to new applications and enabling quick integration into other open platforms. 

You can use SMx to connect the AXOS platform to existing operations systems or fill in the missing pieces of your SDN orchestration platform. 

Some OSS integration details that will make your life easy…

  • SMx provides service-oriented northbound REST/JSON and WebSocket APIs, making it easy to integrate SMx into both current OSS and future SDN systems.
  • NETCONF/YANG southbound interfaces connect to the AXOS platform to programmatically control the entire AXOS E-Series portfolio.
  • AXOS is the only Software Defined Access platform with native NETCONF interfaces and a full YANG data model for every FCAPS (fault, configuration, accounting, performance, security) task and function. As a result, you can access all AXOS FCAPS functions through SMx or directly to the system, whichever matches your needs.

Want to talk it through in more detail? We’re here to help.    

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