Do you know today, what your SDN strategy will be tomorrow?

Seamless migration from DOCSIS provisioned PON to SDN control

Do you know today, what your SDN strategy will be tomorrow?

Seamless migration from DOCSIS provisioned PON to SDN control

Calix AXOS DPx connector

The world's first virtualized DOCSIS connector for PON

Cable operators are re-architecting their networks to support a fiber deep, distributed access architecture. While FTTH systems being deployed today are designed to integrate into existing DOCSIS back office systems, little consideration has been given to how operators will transition to a Software Defined Network – until now. Calix's virtualized DOCSIS connector uniquely leverages common NETCONF/YANG interfaces that enable an elegant transition from DOCSIS provisioning to SDN control that's as easy as 1-2-3.


Seeking a simple and efficient path from DOCSIS to Software Defined Network?

Reduce network complexity and enable a seamless transition to an agile, always on, software defined network

DPx Virtualized Connector

Calix DPx software, along with AXOS based systems, facilitates migration to SDN by leveraging standard NETCONF interfaces to enable direct integration to anySDN controller.

  • Docker based container architecture
  • Leverages NETCONF/YANG interfaces
  • DPoE/DPoG conformant virtual network function (VNF)
  • Emulates virtual CMTS (vCMTS)
  • Emulates cable modems for provisioning (vCM)
  • Emulates multi-media terminal adapter (vMTA)

Ready for SDN?

Shift from DOCSIS to PON to SDN…effortlessly

No change to the hardware. No change to the services. No change to operation.


Is the FTTH system you plan to deploy built for a Software Defined Network?

The cost to integrate new vendors and technology is one of the largest impediments to network transformation. Systems need to move beyond DOCSIS provisioning.  Don’t make the PON system you deploy today, be your regrettable spend of tomorrow.


Solutions need to be both legacy friendly and SDN ready.

Based on a microservice architecture, AXOS DPx is the industry’s first virtualized DOCSIS service that leverages  common NETCONF/YANG interfaces to enable a seamless pivot to SDN.


Learn more about how Calix is helping customers bridge the DOCSIS of today with the SDN of tomorrow


Building scalable connectors to support the transition to SDN and NFV architectures

Calix expert, Sachin Vasudeva, discusses the benefits of Calix’s revolutionary approach to container based connectors based on a microservice architecture.

SKY Cable leverages seamless integration of AXOS with DOCSIS

"As we move to a FTTH infrastructure and lay the foundation for the virtualized networks of the future with Calix AXOS solutions, we will be able to roll out new services faster than ever before and deliver our subscribers a quality of experience like no other."

-- Solito G. Mapolon, VP of Network Engineering for SKY Cable


Want a future-proof network architecture that keeps you ahead of the competition?

Network transformation lies with Software Defined Access.

Software Defined Access drives innovation

Cable operators are extending the benefits of Software Defined Networking and network virtualization into the access network's central office and cable head end. Software Defined Access (SDA) is the gateway for building next generation access networks.


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AXOS Enablement Services

Calix offers a portfolio of services that will help speed your time to market and return on investment as you plan and deploy new services for your subscribers. 


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