DOCSIS today, SDN tomorrow. Now Cable Operators have options.

Virtualized DOCSIS connector for anyPHY and anySDN

Open and endless possibilities with Calix DPx

To support consumer demand for gigabit services, cable operators are embarking on one of the most significant network transformations in decades.  Operators are re-architecting their network to support a fiber deep, distributed access architecture.  While the systems being deployed today are designed to integrate into existing DOCSIS back offices, little consideration has been given to how to transition to a virtualized, Software Defined Network.


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Ready for the move to SDN

Question: How will you transition from DOCSIS to SDN?

The cost to integrate new vendors and technology is one of the largest impediments t o network transformation and makes the move to DevOps and automation an elusive goal. STOP deploying systems today that do not have a clear path to a software defined network (SDN) in the future.

Answer: Solutions need to be both legacy friendly and SDN ready.

AXOS DPx is the industry’s first Virtualized DOCSIS connector, based on a microservice architecture, designed for networks of today and Software Defined Access of tomorrow. DPx enables seamless migration when an operator is ready to GO SDN.

Solutions that evolve with your network.

The cost to integrate new technologies with existing OSS systems often hinders true network transformation. 

Don’t let the solution you’ve deployed today become the legacy headache of tomorrow.


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Calix AXOS DPx: Simply Elegant

No changes to workflow and operations as service providers move from DOCSIS to SDN

What is AXOS DPX?

AXOS DPx is the industry’s first virtualized DOCSIS microservice connector for seamless integration, management and control of anyPHY™ into a cable operator’s back office system.


How does it work?  

With common YANG models and native Netconf and Openflow interfaces across all Calix AXOS based systems, DPx provides operators a simple and straight forward path to Software Defined Access - dramatically reducing operational costs and network complexity.   


 Clearing the Path to Unified Access.

DPx unlocks the door to a new world of technology choices and best of breed solutions for cable operators.   Consider the possibilities of having DOCSIS 3.1 co-exist with P2P Ethernet, 10G EPON, NG-PON2, G.hn, and MEF CE 2.0 CPE solutions.  DPx provides operators the ability to begin the journey toward unified, intelligent, Software Defined Access. 

Calix expert, Sachin Vasudeva, discusses the benefits of Calix’s revolutionary approach to container based connectors based on a microservice architecture.

Calix expert, Phil Fine, talks about the industry’s first virtualized DOCSIS connector for PON.

Does your DOCSIS network speak SDN?

The power of AXOS DPx Connector.  Elegant transition from DOCSIS provisioning to SDN Control.

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