AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox

How would you like having
your very own virtual technician
in the field?

AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox

How would you like having
your very own virtual technician
in the field?


What triggers service calls in your network?

The lack of insights into the root causes are top of mind with all service providers

Studies have shown that 75% of service calls result in truck rolls, which can have a significant impact on your business. The need for optimizing service truck rolls is vital and predominately fueled by two primary drivers:

  1. The cost of initiating unnecessary truck rolls
  2. Service outages, which in the end causes customer frustration that ultimately leads to increased churn rates 

Virtual technician on call 24 hours a day

You can now verify data delivery and service integrity through the capabilities provided by the AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox. 

  • A virtual technician on-site, eliminating needless truck rolls
  • Instant visibility of issues as they arise
  • Real-time troubleshooting connectivity issues while your subscribers are on the phone


How would your business benefit if you could reduce service calls?

Optimizing service truck rolls is imperative in order for your business to survive

Reduce Operational Expenses

Initiating truck rolls is expensive. Eliminating one truck roll could save between $150 - $1,000 per service call.

Lower Service Outages

Unplanned outages impact end user experience which leads to increased customer dissatisfaction levels.

Capitalize on Cost/Benefit Opportunities

Redirect cost savings into securing new revenue streams by fueling new customer acquisition initiatives. 

Avoid Penalties and Lost Revenue

Outages drive increased penalties for SLA violations.


The toolbox that addresses all of your service troubleshooting needs


AXOS Local Packet Capture

  • Tool utilizes command line packet analyzer tcpdump to display and inspect TCP/IP and other data packets
  • Verify data delivery and integrity
  • Quick time to resolution - no truck rolls

AXOS Remote Packet Capture

  • Tool utilizes network protocol analyzer Wireshark
  • Captures packet stream and redirects it to remote Linux server running Wireshark application
  • Embedded packet capture tool that puts a virtual technician on site

AXOS Video Channel Analyzer

  • Ideal for troubleshooting subscriber video
  • Isolate network from STB issues

AXOS Always On Upgrade

  • Modular, stateful nature
  • Reduce/eliminate the need for maintenance releases
  • Minimize unplanned downtime using self-diagnosis, self-healing and process auto-start capabilities

Network Edge Innovation Tech Talk

Remote network troubleshooting capabilities to add new levels of serviceability and flexibility


Virtually ensuring connectivity when it matters most with the AXOS Diagnostics Toolbox

Rapidly resolving network issues without rolling a truck is no longer just a means to lower operational expenses—it is also critical to your business success. 

In this webinar, Calix experts will discuss the tools incorporated in the Intelligent Access Edge Systems that will provide you invaluable insights into what is going on in your network and help eliminate the need to initiate a truck roll.


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